Thursday, December 14, 2017

• City Council Meeting December 2017

The last regularly scheduled city council meeting of 2017 didn't have any surprises, but will be known for having beaten back Stonehenge of Wildomar... I'll highlight that where it came up in the meeting.

1. Holiday Decorating Winners 
A montage of the three category winners.
1) Griswold Category: 25011 Cinnabar Court
2) Traditional Category: 35690 Woshka Lane
3) Judge's Recognition: 21504 Coral Rock Lane

Plug those addresses into your GPS and be sure to drive by and take a look. There are quite a few spectacular displays throughout Wildomar to be seen this year. Don't miss them. 2. Stan Smith Planning Commissioner Plaque 
It's hard to believe that it's already been four months since all around good guy Stan Smith passed away. The city presented his son, Kevin Smith, with a plaque for recognition of his contributions to the city of Wildomar. 
3. Five Year Employee Pin – Matt Bassi
Matt Bassi hits a milestone with Wildomar and is presented with a five year pin.

4. Miss City of Wildomar 
Jessie Taylor spoke to the crowd as Mayor Walker looked on. Her ultimate goal is to compete for Miss America.
PUBLIC COMMENTS (non agenda items)
• George Taylor spoke about the worsening conditions of Bundy Canyon. 
That is one horrible road.
• Glenn Copple thanked the council on behalf of the youth of Wildomar.
• Scott Scharpen (sp?) pastor at Rock Valley church and a ministry called gomobileforlife that offers free pregnancies and ultrasounds to women. 
• Ken Mayes spoke for 6 minutes (with donated time from Martha Bridges). He talked about the dismal condition of the city's current website. 
WR Notes:

The website issue has been ongoing for quite awhile.

There is a blog from March of 2016 that quotes Janet Morales as saying they hoped the new website would have been completed last December.

Just like the live streaming, the city website is something that should have been given more importance from the get go. 

I'm sure there are a ton of reasons why the city's website has been so poorly run over the years, but none that couldn't easily be refuted. Sorry city fellers, but them is the facts. 
Much of the second half of Ken's comments were directed at Wildomar Rap... but of course not by name.

Normally I'd just ignore this, but this is too fun to let go by the way side. 

He seemed to take umbrage with my assessment of Kathleen Hamblin's outrageous claims, at the most recent planning commission meeting, that the city was trying to somehow keep the populace in the dark about the inner workings of the city by not live streaming of meetings.

Seriously? Do you think that the city council is the yard duty, and that you quoting things to them is supposed to get me sent to time out or something?

His quotes and misquotes only proved the original point I made. They bent the truth (commonly known as lying) to make a point. They were called out on it, and then didn't like being exposed. Bummer man. 

Part of the accusation was that I'd never even spoken to Kathleen before. Probably not. However, when her new bestie is Martha "Park Slayer" Bridges (sitting side by side and chatting throughout the meeting) connecting the dots is child's play.
Who doesn't love to play dot-to-dot?
Kathleen, if you'd like to talk sometime, let's do it. I'll be at the Breakfast With Santa event this Saturday, and would enjoy saying hello to you. Heck, the city council and many of the staffers will be there too. 
More WR Notes:

My favorite part of his diatribe was when he said that Wildomar Rap used "Gestapo tactics".  

Let's do the math here. 

I go to city meetings and city events and I write about what I saw... from my perspective. (This has NEVER been a secret)

I have a facebook page that allows comments, and I answer nearly all of them. Same for this blog. I allow comments, and I respond to nearly every single one of them. 

"Gestapo tactics" is childish, and typical of what a worn out intellect comes up with when faced with a different point of view.
• Kathleen Hamblin talked about the need for live streaming of city meetings.
• Mason Ballard showed off his festive sports coat and talked about his wife Lisa being elevated to president of Wildomar Little League.
• Miss Miller sang for the council before getting into a diatribe against Christmas. I actually agree with many of her points about it. Her part starts at the 15 minute mark of the video.

3.1 Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez Update on State Issues
I've included the video of the good assemblywoman for those that would like to hear her assessment of things at the state level. 

There were about 2000 bills signed into law this year.

As a non partisan myself, that has plenty of reasons to strongly dislike BOTH parties (especially the further out on the fringes one travels) I was stunned once I heard about Bill AB 1448 (Elderly Parole Program). 

It will allow convicted felons, that are at least 60 years old and have served 25 years, to be up for early release, no matter what crime it was that they committed.

This is what happens when we have one party rule for decades... Hey Liberal, are you really that enamored with convicted felons that you want them running around the community instead of behind bars? Shameful!

3.4 Temporary Storage of Brown House Cornerstones at Marna O’Brien Park 
Here's the skinny on this. 

The Wildomar Historical Society wanted to store some old stones (purported to have been from a local quarry) at Marna O'Brien park. 

City Manager dubbed the collection of stones as "Stonehenge". The moniker was picked up by both Mayor Walker and Councilmember Nigg during the discussion.

The area selected is across from the wheelchair swing (also known as the Freedom Swing). 

It seemed like a slam dunk, until the council started discussing it. It also didn't help their cause (WHS- Wildomar Historical Society) to be a complete no show at the meeting.

This item, like many other agenda items dealing with the Brown House over the years, took FAR TOO LONG, but ended up getting voted down anyway. 

At first it appeared that it would get tabled until more information came in, but the Mayor made a good point when he said, "Let me ask you this, who want's it in the park?"

Marsha Swanson said, "I just think what we're seeing there is not pretty. If there's something they (WHS) really want there, they could show us how they could put it together there and what kind of plaque they're going to put up [...] or take them somewhere else."

Dustin Nigg made the motion to deny, but that led to more discussion. Which led back to the Mayor's first point about wanting it in the park or not.

It was a 5-0 vote to deny.

I don't understand why members of the Wildomar Historical Society don't just have them moved to one, or more, of their own rural properties. It made no sense to have a temporary pile of rocks at the park, even if the WHS was paying liability insurance on them.

As the discussion mentioned, "temporary" in connection to the Brown House can become a decade in a blink of an eye.
3.5 Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem 2018
This was a quick item. 

Mayor Walker nominated Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit for mayor and was voted in 5-0.

I was surprised when Dustin Nigg then nominated Marsha Swanson to be Mayor Pro-Tem... all along I anticipated that spot to be going to him. My guess is that it'll be his (if he wants it) this time next year.

2018 being an election year, makes me think that Marsha Swanson will be running again since she took the mantle of Pro-Tem here. Just a guess, but can see it coming to fruition.

•                •                •

Don't be so humble - you are not that great.
– Golda Meir

The conundrum continues since Wildomar Rap is neither humble nor great.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

• Planning Commission Meeting December 2017

There were two items that drew some attention, though any potential impact wouldn't be felt for many years to come.

But let's start with public comments on non agenda items.

• Kenny Mayes was talking about bad smells all over town. He smelled them on Mission Trail, over by Barons and Stater Bros. He said the smells were all over the west side of the freeway.  

I travel all over town too, but haven't had any encounters with the effluvia he was describing. He attributes it to EVMWD venting out the sewers. Could be, but let's do the math here anyway. 

He detects foul odors everywhere he goes... what's the common denominator? Or in the parlance of tweens... could it be a simple case of he who smelt it, dealt it.

• Kathleen Hamblin asked the planning commission to start live streaming the meetings. 

I fully agree that all city meetings should be live streamed and then archived so that they can be viewed for years into the future (I've been asking for such since 2013). 

Unless YouTube changes its policies, such a thing costs nothing more than the purchase of the equipment, and the labor to run the operation. You don't have to start off with major league level cameras at first. Get the starter package, and then look to upgrade 2 to 5 years later, after it's become second nature.

Where I differ with the speaker is with her other comments that suggest some type of concerted effort to keep the people of Wildomar from having a voice.
•  I feel the residents are out of the loop and denied the opportunity to be included without live streaming. It's a disservice by the city not to make transparency a priority.

•  One of the council members suggested that we go on a blog to watch it; someone who films the meetings here, and I think that's unacceptable, we should be able to have live streaming like everybody else.

—Kathleen Hamblin, Public Comments 12-6-2017
Sorry to burst your bubble Kathleen, but it takes a paranoid fantasy that rivals The Matrix meets Shutter Island to conclude that the Wildomar city council is trying to maintain an ignorance among the local masses. It's painfully obvious that you've never had a single conversation with any of them.

As to the second point, I'm calling Fake News here and now. 

What's with these people that make outrageous claims about people, then don't have the stones to say their names? 

However, if you're willing to name the council member you alluded to, I'd be happy to retract my exclamation of fake news on your claim.

One other note. Bringing this important issue to the planning commission is akin to telling the valet parking attendant that you'd like your steak medium rare. Wrong place, wrong time.
3.1 Extension of Time (Nyiri Way)
I really didn't expect this to get too much attention. It's another of those extension of time requests for a project that was approved before we were a city, but got tabled by the recession.

It is looking to make 7 half acre parcels from an existing 3.75 acre lot. 
Off Grand, about half a mile south of Corydon.
A couple of Nyiri Way residents spoke in opposition to this project.

I thought that's what the Wildomar is Rural crowd wants... large lots.  

They were worried about being flooded out once the homes were built. It sounds interesting on paper, but when you look at the area in question, it starts to tilt to the preposterous when scrutinized.
I used to get flowers from the guy there... best place in town for day old flowers. Funny thing about it, this flower stand was going to be my first "better know a local business" blog back in 2013... but the proprietor politely declined. He seemed to be weary of drawing attention from the city (though he always had signs out on Grand). Link to blog.
Right now it's a dirt road, once the new half acre homes are constructed, they would be coming with a paved road and all the modern drainage bells and whistles that come with a 21st century home in California.

There was also worry that the homes would be on a septic system, but that was proven erroneous when the applicant said the homes would be connected to the sewer system.

Included is the 8 minute video of the item... you know, since this is currently the only source of such.

3.2 Wildomar Trails Residential Project
This was listed as a "Study Session" where the applicant would talk about his proposed project, and then get feedback from the public and the commission.

This project first came to my attention back in August of 2014 when it sought a General Plan Amendment at the planning commission meeting. Technically it wasn't an actual request for a GPA, just an inquiry about a potential GPA... which is where we are now. It called for 48 homes on 15 acres off the southeast end of Baxter Road. 
You can see two roundabouts (traffic circles) in this graphic.
One on Baxter and another on Susan.

Just a concept at this point, not a tract map.
Probably because it was just a study session, but the project didn't have any set parameters. Sometimes it was 15 acres and 48 houses, then I could have sworn it jumped to 55 acres and 100 units.

Public Comments
Surprisingly there was just one, Joseph Morabito (me). Though there are many positive things that could come from this project, I'm always looking for consistency in government. (Don't laugh... well, go ahead and laugh a little.)

Unless my memory is shot, I could have sworn that the city council drew a distinction between zoning changes and general plan amendments when the Camelia project came before them last Summer... especially when it came to keeping Wildomar "rural".

I suggested that "it sure would seem hypocritical to think this [project] would get the green light... considering the position of the city council on that other project." 

I loved adding a quote that I'd managed to dig up from the past on this project.
You know you're in trouble when Council Member Tim Walker says, "Miss Miller was right" and Mayor Ben Benoit says, "I'm with Miss Miller here." Referring back to her public comments on the project and the area in general.
The commission gave guarded advice to the applicant that he consider keeping the project in the low density range if he wants a winnable battle on this.

As previously stated, this is miles off in the future. It's basically a nice looking project (though better suited for a less rural area of town). I'm just curious how this will play out at the next level. 

•                •                •

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.
– Abraham Lincoln 

Wildomar Rap is hustle.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

• Busy Saturday in Wildomar

Everyday can be busy, but Saturday, December 2nd, was a notch above usual. Not counting the break-in at the American Legion (Link to blog about it here), there were other things going on too. 
In addition to the fire fighters, Scott Rux (blue tank), Mama Rux to his left,
Shirley Moreno and her daughter, Miss Teen Wildomar Daisy and Bridgette Moore.
There was a picnic at Windsong Park, put on by Scott Rux and other locals, as a thank you to the local fire fighters (especially considering the recent "Wildomar Fire".
Picking the winners.
Then there was the 19th annual Christmas Tree Lane held at the Elks Lodge. This is a much anticipate yearly event where the money raised goes to scholarships.
A large crowd checked their numbers.
There were 9 trees this year and a packed house eager to see who won. The proceeds go towards scholarships for local youths.

When I bought my tickets, I made the money taker promise that I would NOT win before I made my purchase.

Seriously, I was just happy to contribute, plus I have no way of carting off any winnings if I were so lucky to be in such a position anyway.
Larry Ryan keeps watch as others check their tickets.
While all that was going on, the last of the Brown House was being put into a dustbin. I've been pretty harsh about the Brown House over the years (justifiably so according to the venerable Stan Smith), but I can acknowledge its importance to others. Sorry things didn't work out as you'd hoped. 
Still on the agenda for 2017 is Breakfast With Santa at the fire station. This will be Saturday morning, December 16th, from 7:30am to 11:00am. It's a great event whether you have kids or not. Mark it on you calendars now! 
This is too fun to miss. Mark it on you calendars NOW! ☺
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If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance.
– George Bernard Shaw 

Wildomar Rap advises that you ground all skeletons to powder that refuse to learn how to dance.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

• American Legion Crime Victims

Around 4 a.m. (and in less than 8 minutes) two people with gloves, masks and hoods did a smash and grab at the American Legion Post 200 on Grand Avenue. 
Police tape cordons off the scene.
Photo courtesy Vitalia Gonzalo 
They took "a huge safe" as it was described by Vitalia Gonzalo who had a meeting at the location in the morning.

"[They] dragged it through the American Legion from the office out the front door and left with it," she added.

Reports are that there was only a small amount of money in the safe, but many important papers regarding the American Legion were stored in the safe too.

I asked if there was anything else about the crime I could share, and I was told, "They even stole beers out of the fridge before they left. Despicable!"
The American Legion emblem laying in shards of glass from the busted front door.Photo courtesy Vitalia Gonzalo 
A toy drive was set for today, and they aren't going to let this indecent act prevent them from pushing forward. There are many worthy causes looking for help this time of year, but if you're in the area, consider showing some community spirit and dropping off a toy for their drive.
Address: 18871 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Phone: (951) 678-7777
If you have any info regarding this case, please call the Riverside Sheriff's Office at 

Lake Elsinore Police Department

(951) 245-3300

Or use the Crime Tip webpage with this LINK.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

• Community Responds Quickly

In less than 6 hours, local charity's need of a freezer, was met. 

At about 9:00am this morning City Councilmember Bridgette Moore posted about a need of the Five and Two program at Gracepoint Church on facebook.

Not long after the post was up, Paula Willette pledged the first $100. 
A couple of hours later, Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit saw the thread and also pledged $100. About an hour after that $50 came in from Pete Lent.

Two more donations came in bringing the total up to $450, more than enough to get the type of freezer that Wink Davis had in mind for their bi-monthly food distribution program.

I know that none of the people that donated did so for recognition, but I don't feel like blurring out their names. lol

They've done a terrific thing, and it's not a bad thing that others know about it. Thanks again to the quick community response to a worthy cause that has been helping those less fortunate in the community for many years.

I reached out to pastor Wink Davis to get his reaction to the pledges from the community.
"I am absolutely amazed by our community. I was at a meeting most of the day so I didn't get a chance to see it happen [in real time], but I came back and saw all the notifications on my phone and was amazed as I was looking at it. I am overwhelmed, it's exciting. We have been putting our money towards food, both for emergency and for the distribution [program], this is going to be a huge, huge help. I can't say thank you enough to everyone."

—Pastor Wink Davis, in response to the generosity of the community.
It's nice to see positivity come from facebook.
Link to 2016 blog about 

•                •                •

For it is in giving that we receive. 
– Francis of Assisi

Wildomar Rap gets that... and you?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

• New Burger Place Gives Out Combos

The Habit opened its doors late Sunday morning and gave out a burger, fries and a drink to the first 200 people that came. They have other specials on Monday and Tuesday, then open their doors for business on Wednesday, November 29th.
The Habit in Wildomar around 11:10am Sunday morning.
Knowing that the parking at Wildomar Square is difficult under the best of circumstances, we aimed to get there by about 11am (service was to begin at 11:30am). 

Good thing we didn't dawdle more than we did. When we got there, the line was already pretty deep. By 11:15am it was stretching into the drive-thru area. 

One of the workers came out with vouchers. About 90% of the people got one for the Charburger (the basic burger). The other 10% got a special voucher for a fancier burger... and then the stinkeye from all those that didn't get the upgrade. Don't be haters! ☺
Even though I was given the super whammy voucher,
Grace reminded me that what is mine is hers in no time flat.
Not long after that, the manager came out and informed people that if they'd like to use the drive-thru, they'd probably get served faster. That's all it took for about 30% of the line to disappear, as they headed for their cars.
This is what the line was like at about 11:45am
It took about 30 minutes to make our way to the front of the line, but really, the service was great... even considering the abnormal crowd size.

The counter people were very helpful and friendly, as was the person that made sure our order was correct before giving it to us. This place obviously cares about their customers. 
That smile really means, "Cool it with the camera, and do what I tell you for a change."
There was plenty of seating, and we chose an out of the way table for two in the corner. It came with a view of the cars leaving the drive-thru. 
Note to self: Three ketchup cups is TOO MUCH.
We liked both of the burgers that we got. One was regular, the other was the Portabella Charburger. Neither of us had knowingly tried Portobello mushrooms before, but have had many people suggest we try them. 
I like most foods, but lets be honest... mushrooms usually taste like slimy dirt.
Since we usually prepare our own meals at home, and never go to fast food places, we had a bit of sticker shock. This meal was comped, but otherwise this humble meal would have set us back $17.60.

It's obvious that I'm not in touch with current fast food prices, since I would have guessed two burgers, fries and drinks would have been somewhere between $11 and $12 (including tax). I better not even think about going on Price Is Right if I'm that far off the mark.
This is what the total would have been on a usual day.
Still, all in all, everything tasted great... and the juice and tea options were a nice alternative to the standard Coca-Cola products associated with burger places.

Now the only food place in Wildomar Square that has yet to open is Sushi Ka. 

•                •                •

The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.
– Ray Kroc

Wildomar Rap reminds you that tossing in a memorable jingle, a crazy redheaded clown and a good secret sauce into the mix doesn't hurt your prospects either.

Friday, November 24, 2017

• New Wildomar Business: Robeks Juice

Have You Been To Robeks Yet? 

It's a Juice and Smoothie place located in the new Wildomar Square on the southwest corner of Clinton Keith and the I-15.
The image on the left is what you see while driving on Clinton Keith, the one of the right is what you see inside the Wildomar Square shopping center. Robeks is between Jersey Mikes/Supercuts and Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins.
When you walk in you're greeted by one or more team members with a hearty welcome and you instantly feel at home in their clean and well lit establishment.
A shot of the Wildomar Robeks crew. Owner Tariq Johnson is in the middle.
I arranged to for a tasting of some of their more popular items while speaking with owner Tariq Johnson for this blog. I also put together a short promotional video below (sort of like a TV commercial). It's about 30 seconds and gives you a feel of the Wildomar Robeks.
The name Robeks is a portmanteau of the first owner's first names, Robert and Becky... so the story goes. They opened their first juice place back in 1996. Today there are about 90 franchises located in various pockets throughout the nation.
The various size cups they serve their smoothies and juices in.
I asked Tariq "when it was that he wanted to be a juiceman?" Which brought out a chuckle. 

In short, since his early twenties he thought it would be "pretty cool to own a franchise someday". He'd been in financial services, investments and banking, since before he turned 20 years old. 

When he and his wife were dating, they were regular customers of the Robeks in La Jolla. 
Choosing which item to have.

When they chose to open a business together, they considered the diverse options in various industries. The most obvious answer was to choose something that they both believed in; were passionate about.
A look at their menu boards. There are quite a few items to choose from.
They'd always made a lot of smoothies at home, so they did their due diligence by looking at the different franchises in that sector. Robeks won the day due to their menu, versatility, options, that the company was going in a good direction, etc.
Squeezing fresh lemon into the Evergreen fresh juice.
They were adamant about wanting to open in Wildomar Square, and the company complied. With other franchises, it's quite likely that you'll have your location dictated to you.

I asked what the most popular menu items have been so far. Since they have several different categories, I was told of the most popular in each.

Most Popular By Category:

Super Foods: Hero's Garden
Acai Smoothies: Acai Energizer
Classic Smoothies: Strawnanaberry, Mahalo Mango and Big Wednesday
Performance Smoothies: 800 Pound Gorilla (which comes with 40 grams of protein in it)
Low Calorie Smoothies: Lean Green and Berry Reboot
Wellness Smoothies: Doctor Robeks
Juices: Between Evergreen or ABC (Apple, Beet, Carrot)
Bowls: Acai Strawnanaberry 
They also sell Lenny & Larry muffins and cookies, which are made from a protein based mix.  

At the time of this blog they don't have oatmeal yet, but that is something that will be available very soon. 
What is Acai?

"One of the most delicious members of the superfood squad — aka the cool kids of the food pyramid — is a fruit you've probably seen all over your Instagram feed. Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is best known for being the not-so-secret ingredient in picture-perfect smoothie bowls, but there's more to these berries than just their good looks."

— excerpt from

There is a Robeks Rewards program and the best way to sign up for it is through their app. You get $3 off your next purchase just by signing up. You can either download the app (Robeks Rewards) or go to the website and register there (link is at the bottom of the blog). For every $12 you spend, you get $1 off. 
It doesn't get much easier than this.
Just click the image to sign up.  ☺
You don't need a traditional "rewards card," you can use your phone number as your card/identity. However, if you're a bit of a dinosaur, like I am, they will still give you a traditional customer rewards card to put in your billfold (note: if you use the word "billfold" you're definitely going to want an old fashioned rewards card too).

The benefits are good at any of the Robeks locations. You also get a free medium smoothie on your birthday if you're signed up for the rewards program.
Getting ready for a refreshing treat.
I asked if they have a way to order online, and as it happens, that is being rolled out next month. Be part of their facebook community or the Rewards Program to stay up to date. 

Taste Test Results

We tasted 8 different items and they were all good, but some were future favorites and others... well... things that would be ordered less often (I think that's pretty diplomatic).

• Hero's Garden (superfood smoothie)
You could taste the greens (it's color is deep green), it was a refreshing taste, but won't easily be confused with a chocolate milkshake if that's more your speed. 
Ingredients include: fresh spinach, matcha green tea, pineapple, mango, banana, spirulina, flax seeds and apple juice. 
• Acai Strawnanaberry(bowls)
You can't go wrong with a strawberry and banana base. When it comes to taste, this one is a big winner.
The little taster cups were as fun as they were delicious.
In addition to the key ingredients there are blueberries and vanilla almond milk. Topped with freshly sliced strawberry & banana, blueberries, granola and raw honey.
• Evergreen Juice (fresh juices)
By my tastes, this is for the hardcore juicer, not for the feint of heart. "Earthy" tones are strong in this one, but that isn't a bad thing. ☺
Ingredients are: kale, cucumber, celery, spinach, apple and lemon.
• Nutty Acai (bowls)
This was a treat for the taste buds. The different textures and flavors came together like an unequaled crescendo. Something that satisfied, but didn't weigh you down.

Ingredients: acai, mango, banana, pineapple, coconut and vanilla almond milk. Topped with fresh banana slices, peanut butter, granola, bee pollen and raw honey.
• Root to Stem (fresh juices)
We had this ruby red jewel over ice. Though there wasn't much sweetness to it, we found it to be refreshing and best if sipped it slowly. 
Ready? Set? Go!
This juice is made with: kale, celery, spinach, carrot, beets, apple and ginger. 
• Big Wednesday (classic smoothies)
This was probably the most pallet pleasing item we had, and what most people typically picture when it comes to smoothies. 

The ingredients are: Papaya juice, strawberries, peaches, bananas, orange sherbet, pineapple sherbet and ice.

Don't tell 'em I said so, but... if you were to add your own tequila or rum... this would be a good blended base for it. Very tasty, and very refreshing... even without the booze I may (or may not) have suggested.
• Acai Tropical Mango (bowls)
This was another of the mega taste-pleasers that we tried. 
In addition to acai, it includes banana, pineapple, coconut, and vanilla almond milk. It's then topped with fresh sliced banana, peanut butter, granola, bee pollen and raw honey.
• Nuts About Protein (performance smoothies)
This smoothie has a prevailing peanut butter flavor and includes: coffee, cinnamon, raw honey, non-fat frozen yogurt, multi-vitamin and 20 grams of whey protein. 
They have brochures discussing their supplement & enrichment options and of course their menu. You can either get them at the counter or online. 
There are many different options and the crew is more than happy to tell you about them... just ask!

☺          ☺          

I asked Tariq if he'd like to try placing a coupon in Wildomar Rap... and you have until the end of the year to get $1 off any medium or large freshly squeezed juice or smoothie

Just remember to have this page ready to show the cashier at the time of purchase. If you still use a computer that is hooked up to a printer, print it out and bring it in.
Bookmark this page. You have until the end of the year to get the discount.
Be sure to give Robeks a try, even if you wouldn't usually go to a juice place, it's still fun to try new things. Also, it's nice to support local businesses. If you see Tariq, tell him Joseph and Grace from Wildomar Rap sent you... 

Hours of operation are from 7am to 9pm.
36250 Hidden Springs Rd Suite C,
Wildomar, CA 92595
(951) 678-4444

Official Website
•                •                •

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
– Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC)

Wildomar Rap agrees that healthy food should be your medicine, but wouldn't suggest using ibuprofen as your food... or any other medicine for that matter.

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