Friday, November 17, 2017

• Car Accident Closes Mission Trail at Bundy Canyon

Several emergency units were on the scene by 5:45pm, Friday evening, where two cars tangled up.
The scene while travelling north on Mission Trail, turning onto Bundy Canyon. 
Looking south down Mission Trail, on the sidewalk in front of the shopping area.
As the first responders were trying to get the passenger out of the vehicle.
I was told that the City of Temecula ladder truck has the jaws of life with it.
I spoke to Vanessa, who was driving one of the cars, and though she was feeling some pain she said she was ok, as were her kids. 

She told me she didn't know how the accident occurred. She was turning right (presumably north onto Mission Trail from Bundy Canyon) and didn't know where the other car came from.

It was reported that someone from the other car had already been transported to the hospital.

The road was still blocked as of 8:30pm when I tried to use Mission Trail going south, from the VFW. 

Note to self, next time there is a police car in the middle of the road, lights flashing, TURN AROUND. Don't make the officer tell you to turn around. 
This blog was done on location with a phone... then cleaned up the next day on a computer.

• Parks Visioning Workshop

Last night saw the first of several community meetings looking to shape the future 27 acre park near Ronald Reagan Elementary School. 
The location of the future park.

The attendance was sparse, I counted about 24 people in the room, and of that only half weren't either city staff or part of the team at RRM Design Group that has been tasked with designing the park.

The slide show presentation (video below) was about 24 minutes, which included a few basic questions and answers. From there, the group went to the various easels that were set up, to get a closer look at what RRM had prepared for the evening and to add their opinions to the mix.
Jeff Ferber speaks to the group as his associate Amanda Conaham writes down ideas.
Each person was given an envelope with four circle stickers in them. Blue, green, yellow and red. The blue sticker was to signify which type of "vision" one had for the park. The others were to signify which amenities each person felt most important for the location.

Many suggestions were made when it came to possible amenities that could be in the future park. The one that ended up with the most green dots next to it was: amphitheater.
The board filled up quickly.
If that is too small to read, the amenities that were proposed by the group included:
Listed as they were suggested
   • Parking
   • Restrooms (permanent)
   • Security at restrooms
   • Water Feature/Splash Pad
   • Skate Park
   • Pump Track 
   • Mountain Bike Trail
   • Amphitheater/Natural Amphitheater
   • Hiking Trails/Nature Trails
   • Walking Trails (paved)
   • Shaded Play Areas
   • Multi-use Fields
   • Senior Fitness, Fitness Stations
   • Snack Bar
   • Community Building
   • Kids Fishing Hole/Pond
   • Sports Lighting
   • Sports Fields
   • Jogging Trail
   • Disc Golf
   • Archery
   • Rubber Surfacing Trail
   • Tennis
   • Soccer
   • Swimming Pool
   • Basketball
   • Remote Control Field

Whew! If we were at the check stand with all those items in our cart, the bill would probably amount to eleventeen bazillion dollars. ☺
Deciding where to place those color coded stickers.
Another favorite display was the magnetic map. It was a bit like playing with colorforms back in the day (if you don't know what colorforms are, it's a designing game that kids played with before smartphones existed).

There were different amenities that were all to scale, and people took turns placing them where they thought made most sense (though the two dimensional map allowed for ball fields to be placed on slopes... but it's still early, and it was a good exercise just the same).

The Ronald Reagan Park (as I'm calling it at the moment) Colorforms set...
just in time for Christmas!
During the presentation I asked, "Best case scenario, how soon until this gets to the city council?" 

Mr. Ferber tried to answer it, but wasn't really getting there when Dan York gave a comprehensive answer covering the the entire process (beginning at the 16:45 mark of the video). 

There is a "pop up" workshop in the works to be at the Breakfast With Santa event, which will be held at the Fire Station on Gruwell St, Saturday December 16th. It'll be a good time to come out and weigh in on the design of the new park.

After that, workshop #2 sometime in "February-ish", back at the city council chambers. Depending on how that workshop goes, there could be another one (it's up in the air at this time).

It's not too late to be part of this...
If you're saying, "Whoa, I love parks and I love Wildomar too... how is it that I haven't heard of this until now?"

Don't worry, as mentioned before, there are more such meetings planned. You can also email your thoughts and ideas to the city. Make sure it says "future park" in the subject line.
What should the park be named?
One thing that hasn't been mentioned so far is the name for the new park. I've been calling it the Ronald Reagan Park, but we need a name that reflects our area, not a past president. I'd like to suggest that this be addressed now.

The best way I see going about it would be for people to make suggestions. Then, have them discussed at these visioning meetings, get the list down to a handful of names, and then place it on the 2018 ballot when three city council seats will also be voted on.

If that was a good enough method for stripping Rancho California off the maps in favor of Temecula... it seems like the best way to name this great future park of ours too.

•                •                •

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
- Thomas Alva Edison 

Wildomar Rap is no Thomas Edison, since it's only found about 211 ways that won't work thus far.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

• Another Business Opens in Wildomar

Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robins is now opened for business.
About half an hour before the program began, listening to the band from Murrieta Mesa HS.
They had a well attended grand opening event on Thursday November 16th, complete with speeches, ribbon cuttings and smiles all around. 

Mayor Walker spoke for a few minutes welcoming owners Mike and Abi Stout to the city.
From left to right: Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit, Councilmember Marsha Swanson,
Mayor Tim Walker, owner Mike Stout and Anthony Ramos.
It's a beautiful store inside and out (worthy of a stand alone blog in the future). Everything you can get on the menu, from ice cream to coffee to breakfast sandwiches, can be gotten through the drive thru.
Enjoying the festivities.
Most of the food based businesses in Wildomar Square are now opened, though Sushi Ka and The Habit haven't opened yet. Country Kitchen appears to be opened now, but they still haven't had any grand openings for their restaurant yet. 
I had to get a selfie with the BR mascot before leaving.

•                •                •

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.
– Henry Rollins

What goes best with Wildomar Rap? More like, 'what doesn't go with Wildomar Rap?'

Sunday, November 12, 2017

• Cops For Kids, Who Are They?

You've probably heard about Cops For Kids, but might not be sure what they do. 

I sat down with former Wildomar Chief of Police Dave Fontneau, Executive Director of the group, and learned more about them, a few days away from their biannual fund raiser at Chili's.
What started twenty years ago, by a couple of patrolmen out of the Lake Elsinore Sheriff Station, who saw a need among some in the underprivileged areas, who then went back to the station and took up a collection, bought gifts and distributed them to kids in need, while on duty, in uniform, from their marked patrol cars, has blossomed into an institution in the area: Cops For Kids

From that humble beginning it has grown to full 501c3 non profit, with an executive director and full board of directors (which is comprised of leaders in the community, donating their time)

In addition to Christmas gifts, Cops For Kids operates year round and do other things including: 
     • Providing clothes for underprivileged children during back to school time.
     • Emergency housing.
     • Transportation to school.
     • There was an example given of supplying the necessary parts to repair the family automobile so that they could get their kids to school.

The also have a senior outreach program where they reach out to seniors during the holidays. People that are nearing the end of their lives with little or no family and are basically shut ins. They sing some Christmas carols, spend some time with them and provide them gifts.

The area served by Cops For Kids stretches from the unincorporated areas north of Lake Elsinore down to Wildomar. It basically mirrors the Lake Elsinore School District boundaries.

Some years they've served over a thousand kids. One year in particular they served over fifteen hundred kids. The events have been so large that they've been held at Storm Stadium in past years. It became so big that it was split into two events.
The excitement of picking out your own toy.
One is Breakfast with Santa (not to be confused with the Breakfast with Santa held at the Wildomar fire station) which is held at Lakeside High School. Typically the culinary arts department prepares the breakfast for the kids and families. 
Happy kids having a great morning.
They get a picture taken with Santa, and a chance to pick out their own gifts from what looks like a toy store, where thousands of toys are on display. 
As Santa listens attentively.
The other is for families that can't make it the breakfast, and they deliver the toys in uniform, in marked patrol vehicles, wearing Santa hats. Last year that number was around 125 homes... which often have more than one child getting gifts. 

How can you contribute?
The key ways are time, money or gifts. They accept new, unwrapped toys for kids of all ages. Specifically the need is for older children. You can also attend one of their fundraisers. *More about the next one below (Tips For Kids).

How do local kids get on the toy list?
They can be referred through their school, a community member can suggest a candidate family, and families can self refer.

All of the candidates are vetted through the board, to insure that they are truly in need. 

Their key fundraising events include Tips For Kids, which is held at Chili's in Lake Elsinore; which occurs twice a year, in May and in November. Wednesday, November 15th is the next event at Chili's. *More about the event at the end of the blog.
"Nash", the mini police car, is at the Tips For Kids event held at the Lake Elsinore Chili's.
There is an annual golf tournament that is typically held in May at the Dos Lagos Golf Club in Corona. 

Small businesses can participate through their toy drives where a collection box is placed for donations of new unwrapped toys.

The best way to get in touch with Cops For Kids is through their website at this link: Cops For Kids, they also have a facebook page you can visit, Cops For Kids FB page.

While talking to Dave Fonteneau I heard about a group of phone scammers that were claiming to be raising money for Cops For Kids in the Denver area.

Like with ALL charities, you need to make sure you're dealing with the actual representatives of the organization you're seeking to help.

 Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware.
I've attended Tips For Kids at least four times. Though the restaurant is crowded, and there can be wait times not usual for a weekday evening, it's a fun time —especially for kids. 

They have "Star Cars" in the parking lot and I was happy to see the "Bluesmobile" there last year. They've also had Kit Car from Nightrider, the Delorean from Back to the Future among others.
Looks like Austin Powers stopped by.
One of the greatest Star Cars out there. The only cars that could top it would be the original Batmobile or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. ☺
There are officers on horseback, a jail that you can send your friends to, even elected officials or the officers "on duty" at Chili's. 
Plenty of photo ops for the family.
These horses are so patient with people.
Smiles all around.
If there's a chance you'll be hungry for dinner on Wednesday, November 15th, and you'd be planning to eat out anyway... head over to Chili's. 
Sandi Fandrick, treasurer for Cops For Kids, got sent to the hoosegow.
Remember to bring a few extra sawbucks so that you can have a warrant served for someone's arrest... it's all in fun, and the money goes to a worthy cause. 
•                •                •

Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.
– Albert Einstein

Wildomar Rap thanks all those that donate their time and energy to worthy causes that seek to add joy to the lives of others.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

• THINK Together Honors Veterans

The kids of THINK Together did a great job honoring veterans this year with their Freedom Celebration.
The kids hold up the letters spelling VETERAN.
Wildomar Elementary teamed up with Withrow Elementary and sang several patriotic songs, did a jump rope demonstration and then sang the themes from each of the branches of service (not an easy task). ☺
The final pose of one of their singalong performances.
Afterward, they presented VFW Post Commander Steve Regalado and Mike Sheehan with a rather impressive American flag made from tongue depressors. 
Left to right is Post Commander Steve Regalado, Withrow THINK Together coordinator,
Mike Sheehan and Wildomar Elementary THINK Together coordinator April Watkins.
Last year they made blankets for disabled veterans.

THINK Together is an after school program. To read more about it, click one of the following links.
•                •                •

Earlier in the day, over in Murrieta's Town Square Park, the 5th graders from William Collier Elementary visited the Field of Honor in Murrieta. 

The other local elementary school 5th graders also visited the site, and took the tour, earlier in the week.
The students listen to the presentation by a Murrieta Rotary Club member as he tells them about the Local Heroes station. These flags represent military deaths since September 11th, 2001. 
They went through six stations as they learned about the flag, patriotism and the veterans that have maintained the liberty of our great nation.

The stations include: California Medal of Honor recipients; Chalk Art Sidewalk; Historic United States Flags; 50 State Flags; Local Heroes; and Veterans Memorial Obelisk/Walls.
A glimpse of the main field of flags under the backdrop of a picturesque sky.
There will be a Veterans Day potluck at the Wildomar VFW starting at 1pm. If you've wondered about the VFW but haven't been there, today (11-11-17) would be a good day to pay a visit.
•                •                •

Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.
– John Adams

Wildomar Rap never tires of thanking veterans of the US Armed forces for their service to our country.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

• City Council Meeting November 2017

Several interesting things came out of this meeting, including news about the Brown House coming down, two new members of the Measure Z Oversight Committee, and possible higher taxes coming to our city in the future. (Yeah, I bet you love that last one the most.)

Before any of that, there were three "presentations" before the meeting proper got underway. 

The first was a Storm Water presentation dealing with the Santa Margarita Water Quality Improvement Plan

Hint, Wildomar is within the Santa Margarita Watershed. It can be divided into nine distinct hydrological areas. If you want the details, click the link.
To visit the website by projectcleanwater, dealing with this topic, click this LINK.
It's an attempt to clean the water beyond what we've managed to do over the last 40 to 50 years. I'm sure it's being done with good intentions. I'm trying to remember where the path paved with good intentions often leads...

Not sure about you, but I've never met a person that is in favor of polluted water. However, I have encountered many that would be happy to see modern life get turned on its head in an realistic attempt to return the environment to a pre-human pristine condition.

My takeaway from this is that you need to be ready to see your costs of living go up... what's new, right? 
One of the many slides seen during the presentation.
Recent legislation (SB 231) signed by Governor Brown changes the definition of Storm Water, and the bottom line to that is that YOU WILL BE HOSED over it. (bad pun intended)

The key phrases and quotes from presenter Richard Boone were:
 Cost-sharing (for costs that didn't exist yesteryear)
 Establishes enforceable goals and milestones and compliance penalties if goals and milestones aren't met.
As the science evolves. (Yea, more unsettle science that we're going to spend money on)
"Finally, I think it's inevitable that the cost of compliance will likely increase." 

Just part of the joys of living in a state long controlled by one party rule that even seeks to oust its own members that aren't "progressive" enough.  

link to LA Times story about a liberal trying to unseat Nancy Pelosi for NOT being liberal enough.

I'm sure we all can afford "inevitable increases" to pay for such lofty pursuits... but I have to wonder if there will ever be a limit to such endeavors?

Police Department Update
Captain Daniel Anne spoke for about 4 minutes, giving an update with 3rd quarter crime stats. The video is below.
Fire Department Update
The stats from the Fire Department update were
288 Emergency Calls, of which 70% were medical calls.

There was also a recap of the Wildomar Fire. It was made known that the name of the fire wasn't due to the close proximity to the city, but since it started at the Wildomar Off Road Park.
Gotta love government [over] efficiency. The incident is still "under investigation" though it has been clear from the start that it came about from a motorcycle accident.
Public Comments
• Michael Ghoslin from Lakeview Chapel discussed wanting to have a pro-life mobile clinic operate from his church's parking lot "from time to time".
• Bob Cashman discussed his concerns over the former Wildomar Chamber of Commerce merging with Murrieta's Chamber of commerce.
• Miss Miller lamented that the presentation about Storm Water wasn't aimed at halting all development in the area. She also proposed that people meet at the corner of Malaga and Mission Trail, Saturday evening (November 11th) at 5:00pm to discuss "several hundred more houses" at Summerly in Lake Elsinore, and the increased traffic it will bring.
• Ken Mayes brought up the issue of live streaming city meetings. Then he went into LaLa Land again by implying that the city council and staffers actively seek to keep public participation to a minimum, "The time of shutting out the local citizens from the decision making process needs to come to an end."

Hey Mayes, we get it. What you're really saying is that you want the electeds, and the paid professionals, to turn it over to you and your fellow incompetent Wildomar Warriors. 

Sorry, but until you seek office, and get elected, your copious amounts of reading things on the internet don't make you qualified to run this city.

Hey City people... it's time to call his bluff and put in the live streaming.  
My money says he couldn't be kept away from his bi-monthly chance to finger wag... even if he had twice the injuries that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul sustained the other day.
• Patrick Ellis spoke about the newly merged Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of commerce.
• Lindsay [Night-zee-who] (as it was pronounced by city clerk Debbie Lee) discussed her concerns about a (yet to be officially proposed) shopping center on Clinton Keith near Stable Lanes Rd, and the types of shops that she has heard might be coming. (sounds interesting... I'd love to hear what she's heard).
• Laura Girard of Sycamore Academy invited the council to a couple of the school's upcoming events.

Public Comments on Consent Calendar
• Ken Mayes used his time, and an additional 3 mins donated to him, to rail against Items 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8. 
1.6, the deal with the Historical Society, which will allow them to store bits of the old Brown House (once it's demolished) really bothered him. 
1.7 is where the American Cancer Society has asked to hold their yearly Relay for Life at Marna O'Brien park since the high school is no longer an option with the installation of their new turf on the football field.

He obviously misread the agenda from the parks subcommittee meeting where it said — Fiscal Impact: Costs of approximately $5000, to mean a gift to the organization.
From the recent parks subcommittee agenda.
Yellow highlight and red check mark are my additions.
1.8 Partnership with Rotary Club for Annual BBQ
He lamented that "at least three of the city council members" are classed as "club leaders" in the Rotary Club of Wildomar.

Let me interrupt here. It's not "at least" it's just three. If you have difficulty in counting on one hand, that should be the first indication that other parts of your reasoning skills are equally as suspect.

He suggested that the council members in question (Ben Benoit, Marsha Swanson and Bridgette Moore) recuse themselves from that item. Interesting point, but I'm 100% certain that the City Attorney Thomas Jex has that covered.

Thing is, these wannabe legal scholars that haunt Wildomar won't hear for a minute that they are indeed clueless on the matters. They take obtuseness to seldom seen levels.

He then hinted at possible legal action when he said, "Public officials can face potential legal liability, including taxpayer lawsuits, criminal penalties and the loss of public confidence"

This really was the Ken Mayes show last night. Most of which was the same inane lashing out against the city that he's become renown for. Hey Mayes, it's time that you put your legal prowess to the test. Put up or shut up. Get that lawsuit ready, filed and served or sit back down... you're boring the rest of us.
From the recent parks subcommittee agenda. 
Yellow highlight and red check mark are my additions.
I'm including the video of his comments on items 1.7 and 1.8 which also has commentary from Thomas Jex, Bridgette Moore and Mayor Tim Walker included. Had to love it that he has a problem with an annual event that clearly states there is NO FISCAL IMPACT on the community.

• George Cambero spoke on Item 1.6 Brown House Storage Agreement. The big news I got from this is that dismantling of the Brown House will begin in two to three weeks.

2.1 Zone Change
This was gone over in a recent planning commission meeting. It deals with a 1.73 acre parcel that is on Clinton Keith, across from the shopping center that has Barons in it.

Pretty basic, it's looking to get the zoning map to agree with the general plan land use map. It passed unanimously.

2.2 Urgency Ordinance Extension
This dealt with the temporary moratorium pertaining to marijuana cultivation and manufacturing in town.

This is allowing the council until December of next year to come up with ordinances regarding legal marijuana in town.

City Attorney Thomas Jex explained it, then Ken Mayes and Miss Miller weighed in. There was the briefest of council discussions and it was voted on.

This will play big next year, and I wonder if there will be any voter backlash when it comes time to vote for city council members in districts 1, 3 and 5 over it? Time will tell.
3.1 Preliepp Apartments GPIP
This was also gone over in the blog covering the September Planning Commission meeting (click this link if you want more details). Since this item is all but DOA after four of the council members gave their opinions on it, there is no sense in wasting too much time detailing it.
This graphic shows where there are already 1600 apartments in 1800 foot radius of the site.
Either already built, or already approved.
Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit recused himself since he works in the apartment industry. 

Marsha Swanson was interested in hearing more about their specifics, she stated that she's "on the fence right now".

Dustin Nigg gave a very direct opinion, "I would recommend not to waste your money." He later came back and explained his views on it, but that didn't change his bottom line.

Bridgette Moore started off by saying she was with Marsha. Adding that she was unsure "if we need any more apartments." Suggested they research what just happened with the Camelia project, which was "zoning conformance" and not a general plan amendment. 

Mayor Tim Walker said he was "not for this" for two reasons. First was having all the apartments in one area, and that it doesn't conform to the general plan. He made another good point about the value of business park areas and how few we have in town.

3.2 Establishment of Community Facilities District

This was about being business friendly to small developers, allowing them to defer parts of their Development Impact Fees. For those that apply to be part of this, they'll have to meet certain criteria, and will be paying interest on the balance. 

It's a ten year program, that could last as long as twenty years.

How's that? you ask. 

Since the "loans" are up to ten years long, if a qualified applicant comes in at the 119th month (there are 120 months in 10 years) of the program, they'd have up to ten years to pay it off. Which would mean the program's ultimate sunset could be as many as twenty years, though it's only for ten.

There is no one size fits all for this as each project would be judged on their own merits. If you'd like to hear the presentation given by Assistant City Manager Dan York, and the comments associated with it, watch the video.

Ken Mayes spoke on this. (about the 7:15 mark of the video)

My notes said, "Ken Mayes makes another idiotic statement." So I went back to the video to see what it was, and I was right... another (in an endless line of) idiotic statements. 

"This is nothing more than a way for staff to hide the incompetence of this city, and the greed of developers [ready] to take advantage of this incompetence. In a mad rush to build out this city many mistakes are being made that will speed the process of the destruction of this community."

If you've ever wondered why I hammer this guy for being a nutter... this would qualify as one of a baker's dozen Exhibit A's he's amassed in the last four years that I've been around.

3.3 Community Interest Polling
This one is probably the most important thing that came from the meeting. It's real easy to suggest that the purpose of such a polling company is to find out how much tax can be raised on us. 

So many times residents will complain about a lack of one thing or another in town (be it police coverage, poor road conditions, etc), and I'm quick to remind them that we can have anything in town that we want. It only takes money.

Usually I get a wrinkled nose response when I ask if they'd be willing to have their taxes double to pay for such things. Yeah, me neither. Part of the reason why I moved to Wildomar was that the taxes were low. 

Yes, compared to some of our neighboring communities it can be the wild west out here... but I signed up for that when I bought my house back in 2001.

Still, there is a large influx of new residents since that time, and it's the will of the majority that rules the day (or it damn well better be). Polling seeks to find what the people want.

I like the way Marsha Swanson put it. 
• This is so important to do. We have a handful of people that come out every month here and we know how they feel. We know what they want, what they don't want, but that's only a few people. We're a town of 35,000 people, and we can't call them all.

• I get complaints all of the time about homeless and drugs. Are we willing to pay higher taxes to have more police on the street to get rid of it... [or] are we not?

• I am not for higher taxes, period. But, we may have some people here that it's important to. It's not my choice, it's the people that live here, their choice. 

• She looked right at Ken Mayes and said, "I think finding out what they feel about cannabis, what they feel about higher taxes, and hearing about how they really feel [is a good thing]. Not just from Kenny, I like that he comes and tells us what he feels, but I want to hear from everybody. Not everybody can come to this meeting and not everybody would watch it live stream. I'll tell ya, I wouldn't sit at home and watch this — no way."
When the conversation turned to Prop 64, and local cannabis sales and manufacture, Mayor Tim Walker made an interesting observation about federal law and how the city council members have all sworn to uphold the constitution and it's laws. 

If you jump to about the 13:45 mark of the video, you'll see a bit of heat start to generate on the dais. Primarily between Tim Walker and Ben Benoit. 

Tim Walker is dead set against marijuana on all fronts by the way I read it, and it being (wrongly) classified as a Schedule 1 drug (like heroin) is just a convenient cover the way I see it. 

Ben Benoit on the other hand, based on what I've seen him argue from the dais when this topic has come up a few times, seems to take more of the libertarian stance on it. Leaving the decision of use to the law abiding adult in question. I can't be certain where he stands on the issues of sales and manufacture in town.

At one point, after discussing federal law and states rights, Benoit said to Walker, "I encourage you to look that up, talk about that, and I would respectfully ask that you not say that we're (the city council) violating our oath when we sit up here and look at this ordinance that has been passed by the state of California and the California voters."

The subcommittee that will be addressing which questions to ask the public will be comprised of Marsha Swanson and Ben Benoit.
Last on the agenda was appointment of two new members for the Measure Z Oversight Committee. 

Three people applied, and two people were chosen. Scott Rux and Shelley Hitchcock. Thanks for stepping up and helping the community.

Funny thing though, Ken Mayes was able to raise the bar for "what the hell was that" comments with one on this topic. 

He bemoaned the "apathy" in a town of 35,000 people when only three applications were submitted for the Measure Z committee, and only one was submitted for the Planning Commission seat the month earlier.

I have a confession to make. It's all my fault. You see, me and my stupid camera have given a front row seat to all that care to watch, and they've seen the rigmarole they'd have to put up with from guys like you Ken. 

Had I not started uploading videos of city meetings, there would be a line from here to Cucamonga of eager volunteers looking to be in the lime light of a Planning Commission seat or a coveted Measure Z position.
Still, that leaves one important question unanswered from you Ken... what are you waiting for? When are you going to shut your trap and apply for one of the positions you think should have more applicants? 

Most people that want to help out their communities don't really want to have to run a gauntlet of bored and angry old people to get there. 
•                •                •

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
– Martin Luther King Jr. 

Wildomar Rap reminds those of you without any friends, you don't need to worry about the above quote.

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