Wednesday, January 1, 2014

• New Year's Resolutions 2014

Yeeeaa... the New Year's Eve fireworks in town are finally over... if we were more like Westside LA people, there'd be a long lineup in front of the canine shrink's office.


My dog sure wasn't digging it. Oh well, at least all should be clear on that front until July 4th.

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Here are my goals for this blog in the coming year.

  • Attend the various city meetings, and report what I got out of them. 
  • Attend as many of the city functions and give my perspective on what went on.
  • Post community profiles. I'd love to interview our chief of police, and the various people that work for the city. 
  • Post blogs about local business and/or local business people... also I wouldn't mind throwing in a longtime resident here and there too.

This is an election year in Wildomar. Three city council seats will be up for grabs. I'll be following this story as it unfolds. Another story to track is the restoration of the parks and see how they progress throughout the year.

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Just a reminder: I'm not an investigative reporter.
Say it ain't so!

I'm a resident/citizen/homeowner of Wildomar, that has lived here since Spring 2001... nothing more. I pay attention to the news, but I don't stew in it. There are those among us that feel if you haven't been here since day one, or made an avocation out of knowing the minutiae of William, Donald and Margaret's namesake community, that your opinion has less value. Sorry Charlie, but that isn't how it works in America. The guy who moved in last year, has the same power as those that have lived here since Laura Ingalls was in diapers:

One Vote


At this point in Wildomar Rap's history, I liken it to the early Beatles singing Love Me Do, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and A Hard Day's Night. Fresh faced, ham handed, learning the ropes, eager to know the players, enjoying the experience of it. [and 'yes' I'm daring to compare this meek blog to the greatest pop combo of all time]

Just happy to be here.

Who's to say what'll happen over the years, but like the Beatles evolved over time... I'm sure this blog will too. I'm just not sure if it'll be quite as different as the Fab Four were between their first appearance to their freakie hippie days.

Dude, everyone cares what we think.

 Happy New Year!!

I've opened a facebook page for this blog. If you like the blog, or can at least stomach it on occasion, and you do the FaceBook thingy, go ahead and like the page/group. Not sure what will become of it, but I will post links to this blog there.
Link to Wildomar Rap FaceBook Page

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