Monday, February 10, 2014

• Curb Painting Scam Alert

It's that time of year again... when you may see a notice taped to your home like this one. 

Picture courtesy of  Mindy Beckner

 **Is it a scam? 
Do you have to comply? 
Absolutely not!


I spoke to Council Member Bridgette Moore, and she made several good points on the matter. 
  • First, you are under no obligation to have your curb painted.  
  • Second, it's illegal for them to represent themselves as having a contract, or permission, with/from the city.
  • Third, there are new "storm water" guidelines that would dictate the type of paints used.
  • If this was a city sanctioned project, you would have proper notification and you would NOT be asked to give the workmen cash.
  • This is typically an "under the table" operation when they are telling you to give them cash. (my paraphrasing)

Two opinions here. 

First, these guys are pros... well, at least as pro as the stereo salesmen that work out of white vans in grocery store parking lots that is... or the guys that try and sell you a side of beef out of the same white van. It's a tough economy out there, but you have to decide who you want to do business with... even if it's just for $15. This particular set up operates out of Vista... so it's not even a local company.

Second, if you think your curb needs repainting, they've mastered the fine art of 'how to paint numbers on curbs', so if you'd like to have it done... that's your choice. 

The "contribution" is a trick... errrr, I mean it's a suggestion, and I gave them $5 a couple years back. 

Just know that the only requirement for addresses is that they are visible from the home near the front door or other entry.  Also, I forwarded the Riverside Newsletter on the topic, to the code enforcement department, and to Council Member Moore. 

She's looking to have a Wildomar specific version drawn up, based on our codes, and posted to the city's website so that it'll be easy for locals to find it when they search for it.

It's great to see how things can get done when people work together. 

Hey, I can still read the numbers so we know they don't use water colors. 



  1. Exactly why I love this blog. Quick response and direct to the point to help the community on the whole! Bravo sir...

  2. Maybe Ms. Moore should have this outfit contact the City of Wildomar so the city can get current on our NPDES requirements "ONLY RAIN IN THE DRAIN' and 'NO DUMPING' stencils shall be repainted as necessary to maintain legiblity (BMP N4 & S12). The one at Windsong Park is barely visible and Marna O'Brien has none.

    1. Well, of course. Thing is, Ms. Moore's involvement was in response to something happening currently. The "ONLY RAIN IN THE DRAIN" seems like something that would fall to a city staffer. I'd hope that things akin 'repainting' (from warnings to lines on streets) would be scheduled, and not something that would need citizen/resident input in the first place.

    2. If Ms. Moore doesn't start paying attention to the little things that staff isn't doing you better be prepared to hang on, at some point the fines that will start raining down on the city from the various agencies will bankrupt this city. The days of using the excuse we are a new city and still learning are over and done with. When staff fails to do its job they don't pay the fine, the citizens do.

    3. I've called code enforcement and have usually been disappointed with the response. I know the main man, and he's nice enough, but he doesn't return calls or follow up emails. For an example, there is a clear code violation that was reported (with pictures) nearly two months ago, and it's still there.

      I don't know what kind of fire needs to be set under those that work for the city, but I'm not going to pretend that things are peachy. Still, credit where credit is due and this issue in this blog is being addressed.

      If you have info about something that needs attention... it's your city too... report it to the staffers, and when they drop the ball, start peppering council members about it.

    4. Even though we are a small town I would assume that our code enforcement dept. has plenty of things to go after and they prioritize what they are going to go after. Much the same way the police prioritize calls to them. I have called code enforcement about an issue and while I didn't get a personal response I noticed that within a week or so the issue was addressed. But then I do not contact them for low level issues. But I do recognize that one persons low level issue is another persons major issue. I don't know that I want to live in a city where code enforcement is the largest department in the city. I mean I know those cars blocking sidewalks are annoying but hardly an emergency.
      I also think if someone is unhappy with staff they should contact the city manager.
      However it is funny that instead of saying "kudos" for addressing an issue there is the same old whining that it "isn't enough". Please let me know where perfect town usa is?
      As far as fines raining down on the city that sounds like a tune from the broken record of the lawsuit filers. sheila,

  3. Hey Einsteins, how can you call this guy a scammer, when his PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS are on the flyer? He's licensed. I know this, cuz i happen to know this man. (I'd know that flyer anywhere). He's painted my curb a few times, and the reason he has to take a donation is cuz he legally can't require anyone to have the paint done unless it's contracted by the city. It's not contracted, but it IS LICENSED and it IS LEGAL. The city won't pay for it, so they permit him to, and it's up to him to try and earn something for his effort. If you don't want it, don't bloody get it. But don't try and shut down an honest business man trying to make a living doing what he knows.

    By the way, he treats the background so it's reflective so you can see the address in the dark. I'd like to see you find a way to do that with highway paint and have it last 18 months at the cost he's charging. You people are deranged.

    1. Gotta love the "Einsteins" crack. Sorry, Socrates, but go back and read what I wrote, and don' infer things that aren't in it. No one said the guy is using a false name, If you want to have the work done, do it... I had it done a couple of years ago and it still looks good... that has nothing to do with making people feel obligated, and that is precisely what happens.

      Signed —Deranged.

  4. The whole thing is a SCAM. It's on the level of the squeegee bums that wash your car window without asking and expect you to pay them something. I would LOVE for him to come ask me to pay for a service I didn't ask for. That's not a "business" model, it's a joke. Oh and I LOVE the "I know the man" so it can't be a scam mentality. What Einstein thought that crap up? It's a scam, we know it's a scam and now thanks to social media, we ALL know it's a scam.


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