Wednesday, February 26, 2014

• Neighborhood Meeting Tentative Tract Map 33840

Tonight there was a neighborhood meeting for those that live near the proposed subdivision of 15 houses on 4.07-acre site that is sandwiched between the flood channel to the east, the backyards of homes on Darby to the west, Gruwell to the north and Central to the south.

There was a short power point presentation by planner Alfredo Garcia followed by many public comments. The top concerns revolved around a few themes. 
  • Loss of existing access to backyards by homeowners on Darby.
  • Loss of privacy due to two story homes looking into neighbor's yards.
  • Flooding issues.
  • Increased traffic on Darby.
  • An existing ten foot easement for utilities granted the homeowners years ago.
  • Sewer hookups. 
View from ground level of Tract Map 33840 looking south from near Gruwell.

This is what it comes down to. Do the proposed 15 houses make sense on that tract or not? I say they don't —for many reasons, though I have to scratch my head at the comment by one of the neighbors, stating that the proposed fifteen 2,000sf to 3,000sf homes would somehow "stick out like a sore thumb". 

Calling a nice, new and modern neighborhood a "sore thumb" would be like calling the highrise, in the graphic below, a sore thumb. Sorry, but a "sore thumb" is something that subtracts from the whole. 

The 15 homes, though out of place IMO, would actually be the gem in an otherwise bent up crown. Such a development would help increase the local property values, not hurt them.

Can you imagine the view from the terrace? Not quite what Aladdin and Jazmin saw in that Disney cartoon.

Let's put our big boy pants on for a minute and call a spade a spade... the area in question is not the most desirable part of Wildomar. What is the developer thinking? Why force nice homes into an area that they don't fit into... both figuratively and literally? Who would plunk down market priced HOA homes in that location in the first place? Once built, who would line up to get a mortgage for such things? I'm thinking I might just rather live near a Sriracha sauce factory my own self... but that's just me.

Oh, and the proposed perimeter block wall, that would be right on the public trail, would make a great canvass for graffiti artists.

Though I can understand why the landowner would like to collect as many dollars as he can from his personal patch of Wildomar, a development like this belongs in a different area, not shoehorned into such a mismatched area simply because he has a deed to the property. 

Rumors of a bridge being built over the concrete flood control ditch, to allow another point of entry to the proposed subdivision, traversing private land, were dispelled by Planning Director Matt Bassi.

There will be another Neighborhood Meeting on the topic in the near future, with answers to the questions and concerns that the speakers brought to the fore. If you want to be alerted to such things, you need to go over to the city's website and sign up.  



  1. I agree. This development does NOT belong in this neighborhood. I live on the south side of Central on Darby. My biggest concern is traffic and safety of school children.

    1. At first I didn't think there would be that much of an impact when it came to traffic, but then I started to do the math. 15 houses, times 2 to 3 cars, and I can see many more car trips that didn't exist before.

  2. There are 13 lots facing the new tract so 15 isnt too many. But you think the new tract is too nice for the area? Idk if that is true. You made a good point about who would buy there...but people bought homes in the tract South of there. I do think the tract should not take away the access to the back of the properties that is not right. Good read. And good luck to those neighbors. Sheila

    1. I can see where it looks like I said "too nice"... I guess I sort of did say that... it was really a response to the person that called the new development a "sore thumb".

  3. I wonder how the existing residents of this part of Wildomar take the comment "the area in question is not the most desirable part of Wildomar", is that any less harsh than "a sore thumb", maybe so coming from someone who lives in the Camelot of Wildomar, the Windsong Tract. To build a Ewing style compound surrounded by a block wall maybe, with a private road (because the width of a proper road would not leave enough land for development) is downright ludicrous. As to the 13 lots facing the proposed 15 lots, you have it backwards, the proposed 15 lots will be looking at the backyards of a seasoned neighborhood after looking over sections of a 6 foot block wall. Lets not forget this tract of homes, despite what the Planning Director wants to call it, will be required to join the city-wide CFD. This project is so fraught with problems, this city is setting itself up to get sued once again. Kenny Mayes

    1. Kenny,
      I don't know... if they can handle the truth... then it'll roll off their backs. If they can't handle reality, then I guess they'll get whiny over it. I live in Windsong, and it used to be (USED TO BE) very nice, and it's quickly becoming very ratty. I can handle the truth about where I live... those that pretend otherwise have far bigger problems than li'l ol' me.

      Other than my less than glowing terms for the surrounding area, I basically agree with you. That's why I used the term "shoehorned in". I can totally see those houses as part of a greater subdivision over where Boberta's Thrift Store is off of Palomar and Wesley or off Palomar near McVicker, but not just 15 homes with only one way in, with a private road not even good enough to be dedicated as a city street as it cuts off existing access for long established residents/owners to their own property.

      What you may want to give thought to is this may just be a rouse. If I owned that land, and I knew the current climate in Wildomar, I'd come in with something stupid like this too... all the while knowing I only really want to build 8 or 10 houses... and the easiest way to get the neighbors on my side would be to then "compromise" from 15 house with one way in, two 8-10 houses with three ways in. Maybe a stretch... but something to keep in the back of one's mind while this plays out.

  4. My point about the number of houses across from the development is that the length of land supporting 13 homes is the same as that proposed for 15 homes. Hardly shoehorning. And when I drive south I see tracts put in near same sort of houses. When I drive north on union I see tract across street from mobile homes. I don't know the answer. But let's be honest about the issue. The neighbors don't want 15 houses loss of that space and reduction of their "privacy". I dont blame them. So what should the owner of the property do? He didn't buy it so the neighbors could use it to ride bikes on or drive on. Joseph may be right about the strategy. Sheila

  5. This does illustrate why people need to go to the general plan meetings. sheila


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