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• City Council Meeting Mar 12, 2014

Tonight's meeting had several notable things in it.

Boy Scouts Riley Olson and Mike Ames discussed their eagle projects. Ames is restoring the dog park, and Olson is installing the various painted tiles, that were painted by members of the public as part of a fund raiser, into the snack bar at Marna O'Brien Park

Plus the theft of the troupe's trailer that they used to store their gear and other troupe memorabilia. For more info on the theft, click the link and read the article at the Patch.

Mayor Marsha Swanson and outgoing chief Shelley Kennedy-Smith
Outgoing Wildomar police chief, Shelley Kennedy-Smith, received recognition for her time as chief. She's being promoted, so though she will no longer be the chief, Wildomar will still be in her territory. The new chief will be Captain Leonard (Lennie) Hollingsworth.


The real meat of the meeting was
agenda item 2.2  

On the surface it was a builder/developer that wanted to make minor adjustments to a project. Changing the ingress/egress, going from 102 lots to 98 lots and creating additional access for emergency vehicles. Seems like normal adjustments before a project were to begin. But wait, we're talking about Wildomar here, and unless you bow down and grovel to The Unelecteds, you're going to have to deal with the troll under the bridge.

In short, its the same old guy, representing the same old angry people, that keep bringing the same old tired lawsuits. It's not just a Wildomar thing, this kind of crapola is happening all over our state under the false banner of protecting the environment by way of twisting the original intent of the CEQA laws. 

If it weren't for all the lawyers up in Sac-to, real CEQA reform would have been accomplished years ago. It was a great idea in 1970... and I'm thinking it's long overdue for a 40 year tweaking to shake out the fleas that have decided to call it home.

Keep It Real!

None of us want runaway development, but have any of you taken a critical look at our town? Face it, we are like remnants at a carpet factory. We are not the center cut, and being bullied by those that spend their days looking for more things to bitch about is NOT helping us become a better place. We are stagnating, and simply because of a few people,  for who knows what reason , have decided to game the system. 

I was glad to see Council Member Tim Walker respond with, "I am always amazed that one side brings all the information and gives us things —examples, and the other side —I don't see anything." 

"I think anyone can throw things against the wall and see what sticks, but these guys (CV Communities) came in professional, brought their information, brought their [power point] presentation. That's our job, to look at it all, and it looks good to me."

If you've wondered what keeps suing our city, and were thinking "Atticus Finch" or "Perry Mason" or maybe even "Ben Matlock" think again. If you're curious just watch the video. It's twenty-two minutes long, so unless you really want to watch it all, a little dab will do ya.


Other news had Council Member Bob Cashman nominating Dan Bidwell for the open seat on the Planning Commission. He was approved 5-0. 

I have a pretty good rapport with Kenny Mayes. He puts a lot of time into things in Wildomar and makes it to nearly every city meeting. Sure, he's a different cat, but that doesn't mean we can't converse and share info about things in our city. Still, he got a bit cryptic at the meeting, and if you'd like to see Mr. Mayes in action, the video is about a minute long. He also has a blog about Wildomar called

Through his efforts we are in line to get a parks commission. 

His blogs are often filled with things I haven't ever thought about and others have a feel like the video below. We all have our different styles.


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  1. Those comments by ken mayes are typical of his blogs. Constantly complaining and never happy. The people on the council work hard and as far as i can tell have good intentions(even when i disagree with them).all cities have parks commissions, so even though ken was complaining about wildomar having one(even when we had no money and no parks) i have no doubt the city would have had one with or without his rambling comments. Yes he is involved, but in a positive way? Idk, he is still complaining about things from 20 years ago... he amuses me yes, but so does miss miller! Sheila


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