Thursday, March 6, 2014

• The City of Wildomar receives a $23,000 Grant

I just got a press release from the city.  
Take a moment to read it.

This is just an example...

At the last city council meeting, Council Member Bridgette Moore brought the idea of the Speed Radar Signs to the attention of the rest of the council. None of the other members seemed willing to spend the money for even one sign (an estimated cost of $4200 a piece) and it appears that there will be two. If only people weren't in such a terrible rush in the first place... but that's a silly notion.

It's always reassuring to see the diligent work of our city staffers as it comes to fruition. This was the work of City Clerk Debbie Lee, she is on the PARSAC board.... the city thanks those that are working for us.



  1. Let me guess, the Facebook Press Release section, as this is not posted on the City of Wildomar website under Press Releases or "News and Information". Being a new subscriber to the Cities Stay Connected (all categories) its unlikely I got caught up in the past e-mail snafu. That being said anyone that thinks these signs are in anyway portable (just pop them of the pole) and move them to another pole somewhere else in town is sadly mistaken.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. I guess it depends on your definition of portable. They aren't going to be as portable as a cell phone, but even the old rotary phones, that were hardwired into the wall, could be moved to another room if you called the phone company to have them do it. I'm guessing, that in all practicality, unless it was put on the city's maintenance schedule, they wouldn't be moved.

  3. Joseph - you claim this press release came from the City of Wildomar which means it came as a pdf., do you have a link to it or can you send me the pdf.
    Kenny Mayes

  4. So predictable when and who the complaints come in from! Please tell me we haven't all seen the different types of portable speed signs out there? I think this is a good deal for the city! kudos! sheila

  5. Hi Joseph,
    I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Neither myself or the Barrett's can make it to the Council Meeting tomorrow night(3/12/14). Would you be willing to use the public comments section of the meeting to thank the council on our behalf for using this grant money to purchase the speed radar sign? It's a great start in curbing the illegal speeding and stop sign running in our city. Maybe after seeing how it works at David A Brown Middle School, The Farm can be the next place it is used.
    Dena Piraino


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