Wednesday, April 23, 2014

• Double Eagle Projects

In golf, a Double Eagle is when you make it in the hole 3 under par. In Wildomar it is Boy Scout Troop 332 hitting overdrive and busting their humps completing two Eagle Scout Projects —in the same narrow time frame with deadlines.

First was a reconditioning of the dog park by Mike Ames. Second, actually concurrently, was putting hand painted tiles into a frame and attaching them to the wall in the snack bar at Marna O'Brien park lead by Riley Olson.

There were a ton of pictures taken by many different people, you may have seen some if you're part of the Wildomar Facebook page. I made a short slideshow of the pictures I took.

I asked Mike some questions about the project.

WR: Who were the key members of your team, the ones you relied upon the most?
MA: Key members of my team were Doug Ames, Stewart Moore, Lori Olson, Riley Olson and Brandon Benline.

WR: Did any unforseen obstacles come up that made the project more difficult?
If so, how did you surmount them?
MA: Yes I did have unforeseen obstacles. Which were large amounts of concrete on the end of the poles for the dog toys. We had a small work day and removed the the concrete. (see video for some pics of it)

WR: If you were asked to give advice to a scout that isn't sure if he should take on an Eagle Scout project, what would it be?
MA: I would tell them that it is very hard, but if you have the right people helping you out, it is easier. 

WR: Were there any "life lessons" that you took away from the experience?
MA: Just because you are the one in charge doesn't mean you know everything. You should always take advice from others, even when you think you are right.

WR: Lastly, can you describe the sense of accomplishment that completing an Eagle Project has given you?
MA: The project may be done but the paper work is still coming, so the sense of accomplishment has not set in as of now.

I had similar questions out to Riley, but I think the dog ate my email or something because I didn't get it before press time. D'oh!
Riley Olson in front of the tile project on the parks reopening day.

It was a pleasure, and a high honor, to see both of these projects taken on, and successfully completed by these young men and their teams (many of which were the same group of volunteers). We can only hope that as they grow into adulthood they will consider staying in the Wildomar area and consider being part of the future generations of local leaders.


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