Saturday, May 17, 2014

• Saturday in the Park

Today there was a picnic at Windsong Park. It was suggested and promoted by Robert Garza.

This is a picture of two of the Garza's grandchildren. I was given many good pictures to choose from for this blog, but this one really said it all... this captures the mood of the outing very well.

If you didn't hear about it, perhaps you need to join one of the 
Wildomar Facebook Groups.

and the newest one


It was scheduled from 10 to 4. As it turned out, it was great weather, but early reports of bad air quality [due to the fires in San Diego] kept many people away, including my sweet wife Grace. I didn't get there until about 11:30 and brought something I made up called Italian Rice.

That went along with some tasty ribs, tri tip, side dishes of different beans and a nice broccoli salad put together by Ann White.

In all I'm guessing there were thirty or so people there. It's pretty nice when local city council members (Tim Walker, Bridgette Moore and Ben Benoit) stop by just to hang out. I arrived too late to see Bridgette, but Tim and Maria Walker stayed most of the time, and it was really nice to just chat about things in a kick back atmosphere.

A good time was had by all. Summer is still a month a way, and that isn't always the best time to plan large outdoor events... but talk of an "end of the Summer" picnic at Windsong Park was being talked about. 

Let's just pencil in September 27th or October 4th right now.

Robert, thanks for all the effort and the great food too. 
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Don't forget about next Saturday's BBQ at

 Marna O'Brien Park.

I don't want to be seen as only writing to the irrationally happy pollyanna Moore-bots out there so let me post one picture to appease the cantankerotti of Wildomar. 
 [If you don't happen to be familiar with the Cantankerotti just count yourself well ahead in the game of life.]

If you've never heard of a "Moore-Bot" it
was an attempt to slur those that respect
the efforts made by our most popular
city council member. Jealousy and blind
hatred runs very deep among the Cantankerotti.

Back to the picture I was talking about:

Proof that things are not perfect in Wild-o-camalot-amar. Whew... glad I got that one in.

╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖ ╕╖

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