Wednesday, July 9, 2014

• City Council Meeting July 9, 2014

Tonight was a pretty light meeting. Both parts were over by 7:30ish.

Debbie Lee and Mayor Marsha Swanson.


Things that made a blip on my radar included: 
  1. Ashley Fox speaking to the council about her wheel chair project.
  2. Debbie Lee getting recognition for five years as a city employee. 
  3. Cottonwood Canyon showdown with the Johnson family.
  4. The topic of trash fees/fines for those not getting service.
  5. AB 1521/SB 69 is getting closer to the governor's desk.
  6. Bus service in Wildomar, a meeting is set for September 8th from 4:00-7:00PM at the library for more discussion. 
  7. Filing period to run for city council is from July 14th through August 8th. Get your $450 ready and your 20 qualified signatures ready!

1. The last fund raiser for Ashley Fox's wheel chair swing project will be at the Lake Elsinore Storm game on Friday, July 25th. The dedication to the swing will be at Marna O'Brien Park on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

 Click for link

2. See picture... pretty self explanatory.

3. This is an interesting story. I need to ask for more details... but from what I was gathering, a long time access road is threatening to be closed by new owners. I'm sure there are two sides to this one... now if we can figure out the details, that would be great.

4. It seems that some residents, that have never received trash service, and have always taken their own trash to the dump, are being threatened (my word) with back due notices (which can lead to worse things) even though they've never been served. It was nice to see Council Members Bob Cashman and Tim Walker showing concern for those that are basically being charged for something they have never received. 

5. Council Member Ben Benoit was discussing his two recent trips to Sacramento, where he kept hammering away for the cause of Wildomar, which is tied up in the AB 1521 and SB 69 . Those bills are the last hopes of the Wildomar, Menifee, Jurupa Valley and Eastvale to have significant portions of their budgets restored. In our case, we're looking at fifty bucks a head or $1.8M a year... which is about 20% of our annual budget. Benoit was hopeful that the bill(s) would make it to the governor's desk in short order. If that happens, and you care about Wildomar, you're going to be asked to get your old pen and paper out to flood Señor Moonbeam with info he already knows and blithely ignores... but I'm game if it gets that far.

6. Council Member Moore was at the RTA meeting and was displeased to find that there is no planned service for Bundy Canyon in the plan that covers the next ten years. If this is important to you, be heard at that meeting. There is a meeting at the library scheduled for this, though I think the last time I was on a bus, other than the one that went to Harrah's a few months ago, was before I could drive. 

7. I hear there are only 4 people that have set up the necessary appointment to run for city council —three of which are incumbents.

I'm going to be thoroughly disappointed if no one from Wildomar's Cantankerotti class is willing to throw their hat in. Come on guys, just search your couch cushions again... you and your throngs of loyal adherents are sure to have that piddly amount of money lying around. The hard part will be getting the 20 qualified signatures, they do have to actually reside in Wildomar, but we're all counting on you to give it that old college try — for the Gipper, and all that rot.

I told you it was a quick meeting. 

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  1. I'd sign your candidacy petition, Joseph!

  2. The cantankerotti don't have the nerve....sheila

    1. I'll be so disappointed if none of those big mouthed empty-headed people don't stand up to get swatted back down.


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