Wednesday, August 20, 2014

• How Donating Time Saved Me a Bundle

Yesterday I had the high honor of being asked if I'd like to videotape the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that City Council Member Bridgette Moore and Scout Leader Doug Ames were about to undertake.

They had been challenged over the weekend by Mayor Marsha Swanson, when it was a typical hot August day, but they had bigger plans than a simple bucket of water over the head. They had a mini production in mind and wanted to involve Wildomar's Boy Scout Troop 332, so they scheduled it to be after their regularly scheduled scout meeting.

By the time 7:00PM rolled around the sun was setting and a small crowd had gathered outside the VFW to watch the festivities. The video tells the story.

Here are a couple of snap shots taken by intrepid field photographer Grace Morabito.

Doug Ames and Bridgette Moore getting doused.

Amber Mayes, Lori Olson and Stewart Moore awaiting a brisk shower.

♫ ♪ Signed, sealed, delivered.... I'm soaked. ♫ ♪

Among the bucket brigade is Mayor Marsha Swanson.  On your marks. Get set...

GO!   Andrew Latham, Michael Ames, Riley Olson, Brandon Benline and Carlo Pulido take one for the team.

The gift that keeps on giving.

I wonder if there is a badge for this?

Oh, how did I save a bundle by participating? 

Well, it takes some time to edit video and by the time I was done —and it was uploaded— it got to be pretty late. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard the first rattling of a thunder storm and jumped out of the sack, ambled outside to the lawnmower and covered it up. As it turns out, it rained quite a bit and I saved about a hundred bucks by NOT having to take it into the shop to be fixed. Thanks Troop 332.

There are two morals to the story.

First: it pays to donate.

Second: when you are faced with the Ice Bucket Challenge, do it on a hot afternoon.

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  1. Stop calling this Wildomar Rap. I do not see any fucking rapping here. Dumbass name for this community-fag blog.

    1. Please keep posting comments on my community-fag blog. Your lack of originality and lack of brain power entertains me as I'm sure it does my readers.

  2. Joseph posts a lot of videos of our locals rapping: Miss "I just gotta sing" Miller, Ken "I can't find my hairbrush in my pink house" Mayes, George "back in the day" Taylor, Monty "the parks are overrun with hooligans" Goddard, to mention a few.


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