Saturday, November 22, 2014

• Rotary Clean Up

Today I volunteered to help the Wildomar Rotary Club as they were helping out local resident Vonnie Holmgren.

A panoramic of the site midway through. 

There were about 20 volunteers total. In addition to the Rotary members, there were several members of the community, a few strapping young men from the LDS church, and some local youth looking to fulfill their community service requirements. The workday was slated to last from 8am to 12pm, but this group knocked it out around 10am.

I asked city council member Bridgette Moore to fill me in on the details:
A few years ago Vonnie Holmgren had a stroke that theft her legally blind and partially disabled. Her home suffered water damage during the downpour on September 16th. Rotary is here today to remove the carpets (to be replaced with tile by a family member), we've done some general house cleaning, general maintenance on the yard. We're here to help out one of our local senior citizens.

Andy Morris tackling some yard waste, while Paula Willette (in red) makes sure it's done right.

Caution: Mayor at work.

Mayor Marsha Swanson, Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit and City Council Member Bridgette Moore were leading the charge in getting the various tasks taken care of. 

It's very nice to see their community spirit in action... and guess what... the election is over, so I really doubt that this was just a campaign stunt.

A group shot after the work was completed. Vonnie is the one in the center, wearing a blue shirt.

The plaque on Vonnie's door.
Vonnie was very appreciative and visibly moved by the help she'd just received. Volunteer Cat Lara gave her a hug and I took her hand and told her I was glad to meet her.

She is a long time Wildomartini and had worked for the cable company. If I'm remembering correctly, the company changed names 8 times during her 23 years there

She had helped Wildomar in its bid to get the parks reopened, the first time, by having the pro parks people get spots on TV. The same is true when cityhood was being considered.

For those of you that don't know the joy of helping a person in need, let me assure you that it helps shake the cobwebs from a person's soul and realign your perspective a touch.

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