Wednesday, November 5, 2014

• Wildomar Proves Sanity

Wildomar returns city council incumbents.

Election day proved that a snowball would indeed melt if it were to enter the atmosphere of Hell. The two challengers, known as Pony Man and The Milk Carton, finished so far behind that it should be a lesson to other people that have delusions of grandeur.

Don't get me wrong here. If there had been legitimate challengers for the city council, then I wouldn't write it so nonchalantly. However, when one guy, Gary Andre, has done nothing but file one lawsuit after another, which has hampered the progress of this city, how can he think there are enough like minded voters out there to get him onto the council?

The other guy, Israel Leija, nice enough fellow, but he had as much business running for city council as I would trying out for an NBA team. Sure, he had the right, and I probably have the right to try out for the Lakers too? Having a right and exercising it are two different things. He was a complete no show for the last month. Hence his nickname: The Milk Carton.
You'll notice that Wildomar Rap's informal poll wasn't that far off from the real numbers.

Measure AA
I usually hate bond issues, but I did vote for this one. The deciding factor for me was the same old list of goobers that were against it.

I didn't know what to make of this race. I've met both people and had long conversations with both. I like both and congratulate George Cambero on his victory. What I noticed was that this race was taking on the same characteristics of other Wildomar politics... meaning, the same lines in the sand were drawn. With the same people facing off against each other.

Like it or not, rhetoric about "I know where the water is" to the side, all this noise leading up to the election and the winner only got 1,105 votes?

US Representative
I remember going around and around with the Tim Sheridan camp online. I told them that nearly every district in California is a Safe District, and there was NO WAY that Calvert would lose. That he didn't need to bother with a "debate" or "meet the candidates" because his opponent wasn't worthy.

They bristled at my words, and really didn't like it when I suggested a little wager on the race. I told them that I'd bet my house against a box of day old donuts and a warm Coors Light... if they weren't too afraid of the high stakes. I think that kind of flippancy only made them madder.

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Last on the docket:
Out of town blogger

I don't know what motivates some people, and I really don't care either. Still, it's an odd thing to watch, in real time, when a person goes out of their way to cause others grief. Part of me wishes I'd paid closer attention as our city was forming... then again, I'm so glad I missed the noise and rancor that went with it.

I don't make a regular habit of reading the out of town blog in question, but other than the few times he was talking about himself or his family, I've only ever seen him go on and on about how bad the elected city officials are, save one of course... speaking of the ONLY Wildomar council member asked NOT to return by the voters... that one, he glows about. 

He was pushing hard for Gary Andre, while disparaging the council members that were up for reelection. He even went so far as to prop up Israel Leija's bid by saying "It appears that Israel has professional and life experience  equal to any of the three incumbents  and is worthy of your consideration for his successful efforts to become a candidate with commendable stated goals"

The insane things people will say when trying to make a point. Here's a hint... if you have to exaggerate to make your point... your point isn't worth #$%$.

Let's hope that puts an end to his interest in all things Wildomar and he can get back to writing his memoirs. Hardy Har... I know... wishful thinking... right

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If it don't fit in Fibber McGee's closet, it ain't worth having.


  1. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. The Out of Towner does nothing but spew hatred and vile propaganda against our incumbents. He has threatened to "make things public" about them, all the while knowing they were empty threats designed to stop them from running. And Timex proves the old saying, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." Since I'm feeling quotidian (and yes, I know a malaprop when I see it), she is also reminiscent of the lyric from some song in West Side Story that goes like this, "only death can part us now." Yup, I think she's here for the duration, and won't stop until she has to.

    For the most part, the election results were what I expected and hoped for, with a few tiny little hiccups. I'm jus glad it's over.

  2. Our favorite out of town blogger certainly has the King Midas touch, with a twist - everything he touches turns to shit. He was against parks - they reopened anyway. His mistress and favorite councilperson (the source of all his insider info) was booted from the job quickly after receiving his endorsement. He battled with the lawsuit queen and she briefly become a powerhouse. He befriended her and now she is a nobody. He did such a poor job on the cemetery board they disbanded it around him. One sure way to lose anything is to have his backing.

    1. His endorsement is basically the kiss of death.

    2. Wildomar Rap was DOOMED to fail until Mr Out of Town removed his previously given blessings. What started out as a turd adrift in the ocean quickly bloomed into a solid form of information and entertainment. Who knows what evil would have come if he had not reversed course and cursed this blog to the depths of hell. I'm hoping he hits me with his car so I can win the lottery. If you have a project, a dream or an ambition, it's dead as soon as you receive his endorsement or blessing. Whatever you did to piss him off, you got lucky. You're a survivor.

    3. There's more truth in your comment than off hand comedy. In the early going, I felt beholden to both he and the W'Timex. If you look in the blogs from a year ago, they got a lot of slack from me, and even some praise now and then. I have this curious habit of reflecting the light that has been beamed in my direction, and if a person is good chap, then so am I. If they are devoid of kindness... that is what seems to flow from me too.

      The whole time they were being "nice" to me, it felt like a set up. At the earliest opportunity they could no longer keep the veneer in place and their real selves were all that were left.

      Some time last year, probably December, I wrote a blog called "A Tree Fell, Did You Hear It?" that was about he withdrawing "support" for Wildomar Rap, and me thanking him for doing so.


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