Monday, January 19, 2015

• Grove Park

Grove Park is a proposed MUPA (multiuse project) located on Clinton Keith and Yamas Drive.

The plan is to have 50,000sf of Office & Commercial/Retail (about 4.8 acres of the site). A park that is 1.8 acres, an Oak Preserve that is about 1.3 acres, on the "north site" and 162 apartments (735sf-1,281sf per unit stacked three high) on about 7 acres on the "south site".

There's is no need to get too deep into the specifics at this point. We're at a very early stage here. They will be needing to complete an EIR and it will be well after Summer before this project gets to the Planning Commission.

If you have questions or concerns about this project you can contact City Planner Matt Bassi.

Matthew Bassi Planning Director
Phone: 951-677-7751  x 213

You have a couple of more days to get your statements in if you want them to be part of the EIR.

There were 6 public speakers.  Speaking about things ranging from trails, max occupancy rules, roads, drainage, whether the park will be a city park or a private park, Clinton Keith widening, and when I spoke I mentioned the apartments. I was wondering if they were going to be overpriced like the ones that are currently here in town, or something affordable that the local youth might be able to afford.

Matt Bassi answered my query by saying something like, 'Most likely the prices will be set by the market. The apartments at Oak Springs Ranch has had to reduce their prices and are still only at 50% occupancy.'

I've been to Oak Springs Ranch and the apartments are nice... but they are STILL only apartments... and they are STILL in our humble little Wildomar... not Irvine.

Stay tuned... more on this as the year unfolds.

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  1. Why more apartments? We need a bigger park. There are more home being built on this and still no park. A nice big sports parks would be ideal. More apartments would only bring more traffic. From what I've gathered the apartments on inland valley are having trouble getting tendants. Hopefully they change they're minds on the Apartment, schools are already being over crowded as it is. Wildomar needs tl step it up and think about what's best for the community and not for their pockets.

    1. You make some good points, especially about the schools and the lack of legit park space. Last night I was told that the apartments you speak of are about 50% occupied. If I were the management, I wouldn't consider that a success.

  2. Anonymous - first one would have to have a city council that cared about parks. When the current members all voted to adopt the Developer Impact Fee schedule they short changed parks by collecting about 10% of what other surrounding cities collect. Wildomar collects $418.50 per house and $297.00 per apartment where Temecula (Murrieta) collects $3,162.87 ($3,828.93) for each house and $2,265.94 ($2,412.23) for each apartment. NO MONEY NO PARKS
    Kenny Mayes

    1. I'm conflicted on the issue of fees on new construction. Part of me thinks like it were still the pioneer days, and people should be able to put up whatever they want to, but I can see that such a laissez-faire approach would never lead to community/city that would be balanced or serve the residents.

      If our goal was to fill up our city with housing, then I could see the point in such low fees. As you pointed out, "no money, no parks" and most of those coming to Wildomar do not share the same viewpoint of those that have been here for 40 years... wanting "open space" which is really nothing more than weedy fields that also serve as illegal dumps.

      Wildomar should consider taking itself of the list of cheap cities and implementing fees that are in line with the rest of the area.

  3. It is unfair and inaccurate to claim the city council does not care about parks. While ken is correct in the fees he lists(which i agree are too low)he fails to mention the fees charged elsewhere to make up for those fees. It is not cheap to build in Wildomar. And anyone who thinks otherwise should try it themselves. I suggest people schedule a meeting with the city manager or assistant city manager or even a council member to get full picture. sheila

    1. Sheila - I do have a meeting scheduled with the City Manager and two City Council persons and whatever group of citizens that care to show on Monday evening at the Standing Committee for Parks meeting being held at City Hall at 6:30 pm. Unlike some in this town I don't do back room deals, everything is out in the open for all to see and above board.
      Kenny Mayes
      P.S Maybe there will be a meeting of the Measure Z Oversight Committee, were I will once again meet the City Manager and whatever group of citizens that chose to show up on Thursday evening seeing as how this group has yet to finalize the annual audit for the last fiscal year so it can be presented to the City Council and citizens of Wildomar.


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