Sunday, January 25, 2015

• Wildomar Planning Commissioner Victim of Road Rage Assault

On Saturday afternoon January 24, 2015, Wildomar planning commissioner, Bobby Swann, was the victim of road rage in Menifee. Take a look at his first person account of the incident below.

• • •

After the incident, when the police were there, the perp shouted to Swann as he was being arrested:
"Please don't press charges, I've never been in trouble before, I've never done anything like this before, I just snapped."

Sorry pal, but you should have thought about that before you crowbarred the man.

At that point Swann said to the cop, "He could have killed me", and the cop agreed.

The perp also admitted that he took the metal rod out, because it was exactly where Swann said it would be in the truck, but he said he didn't use it. Just holding the metal rod while he punched Swann? Yeah Right! 

Hmmm... punched? Wow, that guy must pack a wallop since Swann ended up with a concussion. 

Bobby had to do a citizens arrest since he was the only witness. They were cuffing him as Swann was leaving the scene.

At first, like a typical guy, Swann tried to walk it off after rubbing some dirt on it. He had many people telling him to go to the emergency room, but he scoffed. Thing is, about quarter till nine he started getting neck pains and he decided it best to be safe than sorry.

The CAT scan showed that he was in the normal range for everything, so there was no danger of anything more severe happening.

Doubling down on the worthiness of his man card, Swann was back to work the next day. The rumor is that he rubbed an aspirin on the bump and carried on as usual.

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Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.
—Benjamin Franklin


  1. All of this violence has to have something to do with the fact people have to each chicken two or three days in a row. The lack of beef in there diet is driving them mad.

    1. I'll be having a nice thick juicy steak this Wednesday. I'm sure I'll be sedate for the rest of the evening.


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