Saturday, February 21, 2015

• Let There Be Lights: Windsong Park

The parks opened last Spring and the fence was to remain up at Windsong until lights and security cameras were installed. For some reason, the fence came down about four months before the lights went in, and the cameras are still not installed. A lot of the delay has to do with the poles that the lights sit atop of.

Still, if I were to put my 20/20 hindsight goggles on, I'd say that the fence should have come down on day one if it wasn't going to be timed with the installation of the lights and camera.

The poles went up rather quickly once the footings were poured. These two photos were taken just hours before the lights shone for the first time later that evening.

The camera is the next step. I was told that it will be going on the pole that's the most southern of the three. (The one nearest Monty's house) ☺

I was asking one of the workmen about it and he said they've had many lookiloos watching the progress. Many were hoping for motion sensor lights, or even dimmer lights (funny since they hadn't been on to know about their brightness up to that point). Other's though LED lights would be the way since they don't use as much energy to light.
Now the only thing left to deal with is the ridiculous mess left by the companies that needed to drive heavy equipment, on wet fields, as they were cleaning up the aftermath of the snows we had back at the first of the year.

These heavy scars are deep furrows and it sure seems to me that they would be easier to fix sooner than later. Why wait for the ground to revert back to baked adobe before remedying it?

I know that we have a small parks staff, but this kind of thing should be being taken care of by those that did it, and on their dime too. In the meantime it'll be an obstacle course for those out there kicking a ball around.

While you're at it, how about putting the bolder blockade back in place so that no one can go 4x4ing after hours, in the glow of the new lights? ☺

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There were these two wonderful young people, Jane & Michael. And they meet one day on the street, and Jane says to Michael, "I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith." And Michael said, "Really? What's the name of his other leg?". —Mr. George Banks (Mar Poppins)


  1. Those lights look like an invitation to play after dark.

  2. Not with Deputy Fife living next door.

  3. Deputy Fife can take a break now that the camera's have been installed in a least 2 of the 4 parks. Spotted them on Friday morning while picking up trash and waved to each one to see if they were working, was cold outside so only used one finger. On the way home from one park noticed code enforcement beating feet that direction and saw one of Wildomar's finest headed that direction as well.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. "Four Parks"?

      Is the greenbelt that leads into Windsong now a park too?

      I wonder if those lights are on now... they were on the first night when I took the pics, but not the following nights.

    2. Yes Four Parks and it should actually be 5 parks.
      People seem to forget the 1.9 million dollars of Quimby Fee money spent on the parkland east of the 15 freeway. Developed or not that is a park. Then there is the lost Canyon View Park which residents gained because a court order and is in limbo somewhere.
      Some times even I forget but I will attempt to be more diligent remembering all the parks.
      Kenny Mayes

  4. Kenny reminds me of Fox news, some facts wrapped in layers of misstatements.


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