Thursday, February 5, 2015

• Mt. San Jacinto College Update

Carol Toone and Teri Safranek were guest speakers, on behalf of Mt. San Jacinto College, at the recent Wildomar Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

As we all know, Measure AA passed last year which was a bond measure for $295 million to benefit Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

In case you were unaware, there is already a new MSJC campus site in Wildomar, on Clinton Keith, in the works. Take a look at the images below to get a feel for it.

You can see that this areal photo is quite old. I don't see Ronald Reagan Elementary School in it. 

This one is so old that City Hall wasn't built yet, and neither was Stater Bros.
That's how long this has been in the works.

The presentation included a take off on BINGO called FOCUS. It was touting various studies they offer and benefits that come with them.

Most of us know that having a college campus in the area will open many doors for Wildomar and we're eager to see it progress to completion.

When it came time for questions, my hand shot up and I asked:

What are some of the remaining hurdles or obstacles before you guys can put the first shovel in the ground? 

As Teri and Carol were about to answer, Kristen Huyck of Supervisor Kevin Jeffires' office had an answer.

I'm with the county of Riverside, in Supervisor Kevin Jeffries' office, we're working with the college district. From my understanding there is a lawsuit regarding the draft EIR. The college district knew it, as well as the county, so when the property was sold, there was actually money imbedded into the sale, about $300K, knowing that this was going to happen.

It shouldn't hold it up too much, other than just typical litigation... but it is moving forward and with Measure AA going through they have funding too, so it'll [be] coming to fruition very soon.

The city should be seeing some applications for development around that area too... it is moving forward.

George Taylor, long time resident out at The Farm, asked: Is the prognosis good?

To which Huyck replied.
Yes. It's looking pretty positive. It [the litigation] was all anticipated, so it's nothing surprising. 

Hey, it's Wildomar... so if there hadn't been some Ambulance Chaser... or maybe we should upgrade that to K-Rat/Gnat Catcher/Fairy Shrimp Chaser in this case... that would be the surprise.

After the breakfast I asked Huyck what the name of the litigants were, but she didn't have that info. I was given an email at the college for my inquiry, if I get that info, I'll post the update.

In the meantime, isn't it just grand that instead of getting this campus up and running, that MSJC anticipates the litigation process to take up to three years?

Thank you self appointed community activists... it's not like the time and money could be better used elsewhere.
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  1. The horror for the local residents living around the Clinton Kieth area. This means more traffic and more crime! Argh...more crime/ There's more suitable areas around that will allow for future growth. What a horrible location!

    1. Interesting take. I don't know how a community college would bring more crime. Unless you mean cars in the parking lot getting broken into. I don't see why a campus would cause local homes to be more of a target than they already would be.

      As for more suitable locations, I'd like to hear your suggestions. This seems like the best place in Wildomar. What other 77 acre parcels are even in Wildomar anymore? Not knowing the proper acreage, I wouldn't want it on Palomar near Wesley, or the vacant field on Palomar and Central near the Post Office, or the field on Mission Trail and Bundy Canyon, or where DeJong's is.

      This is on a main street, and I can't think of a better location. Sounds to me like you don't want it one way or another in our town.

    2. Joseph - Maybe anonymous lives on Country Park Drive or Picnic Lane having moved in prior to any mention of a college campus. Like back when this land was purchased by the County of Riverside with the intention of constructing a regional park. I for one would much rather see a trade school built before another satellite babysitting facility that will graduate less than 20% of those that enter.
      Kenny Mayes

    3. Kenny,
      I'm not a big fan of change either, but I know when something is bigger than I am. We'll have to chat some time about such schools next time we bump into each other.


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