Sunday, March 15, 2015

• Wildomar Blessed With Another Eagle Scout Project

Jake Moore, long time scout member of Troop 332, completed his Eagle Project of installing shelving in the Marna O'Brien Park storage room. Take a look at the pics to get a glimpse of it.

This is the "before" look of the storage room. Jake Moore is in the middle of a Fibber McGee's closet style mess.

Here is a list of the work that needed to be done day of

  • Removing all the contents of the room.
  • Sweeping the dirt out.
  • Choosing the location of the shelves, keeping electrical and plumbing in mind.
  • Drilling holes in the cement blocks to anchor the shelves to the wall.
  • Attaching the shelves.
  • Bringing in the items and organizing it all.
Below is a montage of the work process.

Below is a picture of the storage room after the project was completed.

What would this city be without the tireless hard work of so many people?
From Left to right: Bridgette Moore, Stewart Moore, Vic Ramos, Jake Moore, Cat Lara, Brandon Benline, Riley Olson, Lori Olson, Amber Mayes, Nate Coddington. 

A big thank you goes out to those that helped make this happen, and nice job Jake... I'm betting that Wildomar Parks Manager, Daniel Torres [also the photographer for the above picture] will be loving the new look.
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