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•Better Know a Wildomar Business: WaBa Grill

In my series Better Know a Wildomar Business, I recently visited WaBa Grill located in the Albertson's shopping center off of Clinton Keith.
Here is a look from across the parking lot.
This is one of those places that is fast food (because you get your food fast) but it isn't junk food like many places are. So we arranged to order a sampler of everything they serve, so we could do a taste test. Our mini feast included half and half bowl, which is chicken and steak; a side salad which comes with a choice of three dressings, Caesar's, oriental or ranch; miso soup and seasonal fruit (ours was an orange).

It came with their WaBa Sauce, which is a teriyaki, and a red sauce that is reminiscent of sriracha sauce.

We loved the flavor of all the meats. The salmon was great as were the ribs. I didn't get more than one of the shrimp, it seems that Wildomar Rap's official picture taker called first dibs. What I liked doing with the half and half bowl was mixing in a bit more of the WaBa sauce, along with the red sauce and stirring it all together.

This was only part of our sampler.

We spoke with Chelsea and Yvonne about WaBa and here are the questions and answers.

 WR  What is WaBa Grill?
 WaBa  It's a healthy fast food place.

 WR  Who are the people behind WaBa Grill?
 WaBa  Corporate owns only 8 of the 91 existing stores and there are another 40 due to come online this Summer — all of which are franchises. The family that owns this franchise only has the one; it's a mom, a dad and a daughter.

When you enter, you'll see an easy to read menu above the ordering counter.
 WR  How many employees do you have?
 WaBa  Twenty.

 WR  You've been opened since November, so how has Wildomar received you?
 WaBa  Amazingly great.

 WR  Do you sponsor any local youth teams?
 WaBa  We do have banner on the baseball field at Cornerstone... and we recently joined the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce.
(Side note: I'm part of the Wildomar Chamber too, but set up this meeting before they joined.)
This is a one view of the seating area.
 WR  Do you have any secret menu items like In 'n Out is famous for?
 WaBa  No, but we could work around our menu.
Yvonne: For example we have a rib plate, but we don't have a rib bowl... we can always make that happen.
Chelsea: I guess we do kind of, with our sides, that's what you got, sides of salmon, shrimp and ribs; It isn't advertised.

 WR  How about catering?
 WaBa  We have party packs with half pans in boxes with lids.

At this point Yvonne asked me, "Do you know what WaBa means?"
Of course I didn't so I had her tell me, "Waba is 'welcome' in Korean."

They take phone orders and the only real slow time is between 3:00pm amd 5:00pm. Though while we were there at the "slow time" the place still had people eating and coming in to order. Whether it's to go or for dining in, they work quick to keep the lines short and when your order is ready you'll hear your name loud and clear.

It's a relatively young restaurant chain, and it originated in SoCal. If you visit their corporate website you'll see they have goals of having 2000 stores by 2025.
There is an outdoor patio as well.
I found the Wildomar WaBa Grill to be very inviting, clean, and with tasty food. A perfect type of place if you just would like to get out of the house, yet don't want a formal restaurant, or to get your meal handed to you in a bag through a drive-thru window, or further still to plunk down a ton of money in the process.

Also if you simply don't want to make your own meal, but don't want something that is loaded with salts and fats. When they say healthy, they mean it. The rice bowls, either brown or white, are just that... rice. Not fried rice, which is tasty, but also full of things your body would rather skip.

Thing is, plain brown rice with steamed broccoli, carrots and cabbage isn't something a lot of us can relate to as fast food. If you're expecting something else from your fast food you may be scratching your head at the healthy alternative.

You will not be confusing WaBa Grill with Panda Express (a place that I ate at the other day). WaBa is tackling the fresh approach head on. Where, from what I saw, Panda was going for the traditional sauce drenched Chinese food approach... which tastes good too, but let's be real about it when it comes to being healthy. 
Here's a closer look at the overhead menu.

Since in my other life I make small production videos, I thought I'd make a quick commercial for WaBa Grill. Understand that this was put together in about three hours and just as a lark. ☺

Here is the contact info for WaBa Grill in Wildomar.
  1. Address: 23905 Clinton Keith Road #101, Wildomar, CA 92595
    Phone:(951) 677-9966

     10:00 am – 9:00 pm
 Click the Link
Click the link
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A good meal makes a man feel more charitable toward the whole world than any sermon.
 —Arthur Pendennis

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  1. Waba does not mean Welcome in Korean, however it does mean "Come on in" or used in a phrase that would say "Come try us once" to be more accurate.


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