Thursday, May 14, 2015

• Governor Brown Relents... a little

Somewhat breaking news about, what seems to be, Wildomar's age-old fight with the governor over our missing VLF funds (About $1.8 million dollars per year).

It was a delight to see this from State Senator Roth's facebook page:

At the same time, I happened to see a Yahoo News article about Brown looking for a record budget.
Brown talking about record $115.3Billion budget. Click to read the story.

I responded to Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore's FaceBook post, saying I hoped that it could include the arrears too.

That's when  Mayor Ben Benoit posted a few details about it on FaceBook.

It looks like the money is just going to Riverside County to pay off our bondage to them from when we became a city.

My reply was this:

So it's good news... like we just won the lottery!!! 

Problem is we didn't win the grand prize, we only had a scratcher that was worth about $1000.

Still it's better than the repeated kicking in the family jewels that'd we'd been getting from him, so I'm sticking with my claim that we won the lottery here.

Thanks to all those that have kept this fight going until we got some kind of settlement.

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I was going to buy a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking, and then I thought: What the hell good would that do?
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  1. VLF money is provided for 5 years to new cities. Wildomar had already received 4 years of VLF funds, so they only lost the 5th year of funding. Even if VLF funding is fully restored, it will only be a one-time refund for the 5th, and last, year for about $1.7 m. If the state's check arrives in the mail, it will probably be spent on street signs and movies at Marna.

    1. The city could put the money towards defending nuisance lawsuits filed by bitter people. Or towards paying extra staff to handle document requests by busy bodies desperately trying to stay relevant.

    2. The money will more than likely pay for a part of "Gateway Park". Don't know what that is, put in a records request for more information. Another option is to have the city road crew paint more lines with a bucket and roller, after sweeping the street with a push broom. They can also do a little grading work with a shovel as they have no equipment. Just maybe they can purchase an East and West Almond Street Sign for the road that runs north and south.
      In the end any money is a long way from being returned to the city. Every "sure thing" in the past has resulted in nothing.
      Kenny Mayes

    3. Ken- I think it is great that our city staff and council members are working to get us our money. Would I like the money spent on street repairs before it is spent on street signs? Yes, and I have shared that viewpoint with several in decision making positions. If they choose to go in a different direction I will not be angry or think they have made some huge mistake. It will just reflect a difference in priorities. And those in positions to make those decisions get to do just that-make those decisions. I think the recent fire on Orange shows that there is some need to fix the problem of split streets having same names. And to my recollection I thought the Gateway park was talked about last year and was to be at north end of city on Mission Trail? Sheila

  2. Is almond(which is divided by the high school) going to be labelled east/west?. Or is that just another thing to add to list of items Kenny complains about nonsensically and obsessively? Maybe the Wildomar Rap could do a mashup video of miller, Maye's, and Martha? Music from Deliverance, Elton johns "the bitch is back", and maybe Crazy from Gnarls Barkley? I do hope Wildomar gets the money, seems like we need another staff member to hand out pacifiers, I mean document request responses.

    1. Agenda Item #3.3 SUBJECT: Street Name Consistency
      2) Rename Almond St., Bundy Canyon Rd., Lemon St., Loquat St., Orange St. Victorian Ln., Vine St. and Waite St. by adding West and East identifiers.
      Further in the staff report is the line "Rename 17 streets intersected by the 15 Freeway with east/west directional delineators.
      Almond St., Loquat St. and Orchard St. all run north and south with Orchard St. not crossing the freeway.
      This staff report is about a half baked as this city is.
      As far as Wildomar getting any money, it would be nice (don't hold your breath), the city could finish cleaning the other half of the Prairie Rd. storm drain and then work on all the other drains running under Windsong homes before their man-holes start surfing.
      Kenny Mayes

    2. It seems that complaining for Kenny is a gift that never ends, he just keeps throwing new ones into the mix. Isn't the purpose of items being in the agenda so that the city council members can offer opinions and suggestions to what is submitted by staff? Perhaps Kenny isn't used to the give and take of people working together? Orange runs north and south but it seems pretty obvious that it should be labelled east/west.


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