Tuesday, June 23, 2015

• Coffee With The Mayor

Did you miss Coffee with the Mayor Tuesday evening from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the west side Starbucks?

I'll answer it for you → Yes, you missed it. There weren't very many citizens that actually took advantage of tonight's opportunity to discuss the issues with Wildomar Mayor Ben Benoit.
Mayor Ben Benoit speaking with a couple of  Wildomarians about local concerns.

After all the incessant whining on FaceBook about Walmart, street conditions, lack of police on the streets I've heard, it's amazing how when you people have a well publicized chance to discuss your concerns with our elected officials, you are all no shows. Nothing lamer than Keyboard Commandos.

Also in attendance, and willing to discuss issues were EVMWD Board of Director member George Cambero, Wildomar Planning Commissioners Bobby Swann and Stan Smith.

What I was hoping for was an event similar to what Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez does with her community coffees. She has several points and goes down the list one by one about what's been going on in Sacramento, then has questions and answers for the balance of the time.

I guess it's a good thing that the mayor didn't spend his time developing such talking points when there weren't more than a handful of new faces in attendance.

Wildomar, do you even have a pulse?

It's official now, no one wants to hear your petty gripes about the city when you refuse to avail yourself to speak to the people that matter most on such matters... but something tells me you will anyway.

Though it isn't touted, if you have concerns about the city, you can approach your city officials at city events too. So if you were too busy to make it tonight, which is understandable, but still would like to kvetch about something city related, come on down to this Saturday's Camp Out in the Park and look for one of them.

Thanks to Ben Benoit, Debbie Lee and Janet Morales for putting in the effort to make this come off, even if 99.9% of Wildomar slept through it.

Oh, just to be clear, most people have no beef with their local elected officials, and my words here do NOT pertain to you. My words are for the people that like to cast aspersions from the peanut gallery yet never actually speak to those in charge... not for the average hardworking Wildomartini that is busy with family concerns.

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How sacredly reputation must be guarded. How fragile a thing it is, and should it be lost is rarely regained. 
E.G. Marshall

Wildomar Rap has only one speed → GO!

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  1. I also find it hilarious that so many will complain on social media sites(and even tag city officials in fb threads!)about every little thing but then can't be bothered to attend events like this and get facts not lies or half truths that many spew. I wonder how many even get out and vote?


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