Wednesday, June 3, 2015

• Planning Commission Meeting June 2015

There was only one real item on tonight's agenda: Discount Tire Centers.

The issue was about the location. It's to be in the building just to the south of Albertson's and the nearest neighbors are Ace Hardware and Massage Envy.

Who knows, perhaps it'll all work out swimmingly and they'll cross promote with offers
to get a massage while you get your tires changed... or get a free tire after ten back rubs. ☺

There was a lot of discussion about decibel levels and noise deadening efforts so that the two businesses could live in harmony. What was easy to see was that there was effort being put forth on all sides. Discount Tire Centers, Massage Envy, the landlord and the planning commissioners.

After a brief presentation, outlining the new business layout, the reps from Discount Tire were explaining all the noise mitigation efforts they plan to use here.

It's all about the decibels. An Ingersoll Rand pneumatic drill with Quiet Tool technology is approximately 80dBs.
  • A special noise reduction type of compressor placed at the furthest point away from Massage Envy. 
  • Also in mind are rubberized pads under the compressor to reduce vibration. 
  • Quiet tech pneumatic tools.  
  • On the wall between the businesses will be a special noise deadening drywall. 
In the graphic below, the lower portion is on the alley between them and Albertson's. The upper portion is the common wall with Ace Hardware and Massage Envy is on the right side.

Let's not forget how vibrations tend to be tenacious little buggers and though aren't always heard, quite possibly could be felt as a person was trying to achieve that long sought after moment of Zen after a long day at work. I invite you to rewatch part of the classic T-Rex-water-in-the-cup-vibration scene from Jurassic Park to illustrate the point.

Larry Ferguson, of Massage Envy, spoke for about 6 mins. You can tell that he's very worried about the potential effect of impact wrenches on his business. Even with noise deadening mitigation plans, you're not going to remove the fact that a tire center wants to move next to a massage place.

If you've ever had a massage from one of the modern establishments you know that ambiance is everything.

I was the only public speaker on the topic. I mentioned how that I'm pro business and it would be good to have another tire shop in Wildomar, but part of being "pro business" means being pro existing business too. It would be different if the massage place was trying to move next to a long time tire store, and then asking them to hush up, but Massage Envy has been there for more than seven years.

Also, I mentioned that even with noise mitigation efforts, unless the roll up doors are down, the sounds would echo off of the block wall across from them (Albertson's) and find their way to the front where Massage Envy is. 

The key hangup for tonight's meeting was that there had not been a comprehensive noise/sound test done for the project. So in the end, the item was continued until after such a study is completed. Below are the words of Commission Chairman Veronica Langworthy.

We have two very wonderful businesses that are working to present how to make this happen. I appreciate the graph that was brought in by Massage Envy (a decibel graph). I appreciate the experience of Discount Tires, but to make a decision like this we need more than feelings... we need some facts. A noise study in advance would make us all more comfortable with making a really good decision for both businesses, so you [don't end up as] contentious neighbors.

— Veronica Langworthy

I'd like to see Discount Tire Centers in Wildomar, I'm just not so sure how well of a fit they make in that location. I feel bad for Massage Envy, because even though the landlord made it clear that they want both businesses to succeed, I got the feeling that the tire store would be a bigger feather in their cap (maybe it's just me projecting). I'm probably just a worrier, but I'd be sleeping with one eye open if I were in the front unit... figuratively speaking of course.

•      •       

Since I had access to assistant city manager Dan York, I took the opportunity to ask him for some details on the signal light being out at Cervera and Central.

Here's where we're at. Southern California Edison is improving our electrical service through the southern part of the city. Through that process the power going to the signal was down. As a result, we turned the light off. So that when they powered back on we wouldn't blow our controller. 
It was a joint effort between Edison and the city... we've known that. Now that they're completing their work, our signal still didn't energize. Meaning that there was some construction impact to our line. The guys in the field have identified it, they're correcting it, and that light should be energized pretty soon. 
This has been frustrating for us but realistically understanding what's going on. This is good for our community —the upgrade of the electrical power system, and fortunately the traffic volume is such on Central and Cervera that we're able handle it with stop placards.

— Dan York 

•      •       


  1. It looks like those luxury apartments to the east don't figure into the equation at all.
    As to the traffic light, if the situation is easily controlled by stop signs, which it was for years, why were hundreds of thousands spent on traffic lights. Maybe now is the time for Wildomar's first traffic circle.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. When we moved to Wildomar in 2001 there wasn't even a stop sign for those traveling on Central. It usually wasn't a problem other than rush hour. The biggest problem at that intersection then was the pepper tree that tends to overgrow and block the view of the east bound traffic.

      If they're going to use traffic circles (roundabouts) in Lake Elsinore at Railroad Canyon... five of them no less... I'm thinking it could work here too if there were no land rights issues to worry about here.

    2. Other than city grass grown with potable water and a poorly maintained drainage ditch land shouldn't be an issue along the future Wildomar Trail. It kind of funny how one city staffer claims its aging equipment and the other claims its just a 5 or 6 day hiccup.
      Kenny Mayes

  2. Interesting how when the city plans ahead the same ones complaining are the ones who say the city doesn't do enough planning ahead. Maybe they just like to complain? As far as the tire shop, I recommend people go to the Walmart tire and lube or express tires or even Costco and do a listen test. Not really anything to complain about from my experience.

  3. Eristic
    Item continued until a comprehensive noise/sound test is completed. This sounds like the city of Wildomar planned ahead. Walmart, Costco even Express tires in Elsinore are all located off by themselves. If this facility had been located next to the freeway by Starbucks noise might not have been an issue.
    Kenny Mayes

  4. Express tires is hardly off by themselves. But as usual you ignore the point made to go off in another direction. Go to the businesses mentioned and listen. But no lets add to the cost so this business goes to another city.Other than zoning and ensuring state laws followed with regards to this sort of business this issue should be between landlord and tenants. Not refereed by others.

    1. I basically agree with your point.

      Though I think that Massage Envy is getting hosed here, they're getting hosed by their own landlord — not the city. If the landlord wants to show such disrespect to a longtime tenant of his, I don't see how it's the city's business to interfere. It may be something they have to take to court if they end up going out of business.

      If I were on the Planning Commission, I'd vote in favor of the landlord, though I'd tell him that I think his actions were skunky... no matter how much he is pretending that a tire shop and a massage place can live on the same wall.


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