Tuesday, June 2, 2015

• Signal Out at Central and Cervera

You may have noticed that the signal has been out at Central and Cervera. It's been five days now and when I saw the repairman on site I thought I'd ask him about it.

Last week the controlling unit got a surge of electricity and the worker was telling me that they've been trying to isolate the bad sector (my wording). They've narrowed it down but want to make sure that's the only issue, and that if by replacing the piece in question it doesn't then knock out other components at this point.

A case of measure twice and cut once.

I gave Wildomar Public Works Superintendent Les Chapman a call to get some input from him about it.

He was telling me that it's a pretty significant situation and they're trying to repair this without having to replace the whole shebang. I asked him if this was due to something the electric company did and he told me "No, they did things according to the book" (my paraphrasing) "we just have old equipment."

Les was telling me that in other cities it's not uncommon to replace the entire unit from the start, and that still may end up being the final verdict here, but he wants to try other avenues before jumping to that step.

I asked him how much something like that costs to replace and his response was that he's trying to be optimistic and that tomorrow Siemens' Top Gun in SoCal will be there in the morning to make any final determinations on the health of the unit. His final thoughts on it were "It's going to be tough news no matter what." Surely a reference to an unplanned big ticket item hitting Wildomar.

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