Monday, July 13, 2015

• Railroad Canyon Public Outreach Meeting

Tonight there was a public outreach meeting at the Lake Elsinore city hall regarding the traffic issues on Railroad Canyon. I went because it's just a couple of miles north of us and many Wildomar residents use that area.

Currently the area is a complete nightmare with traffic coming at you from all directions. There are four options they are weighing. Option one is to do nothing. That costs the least, but considering that the intersections are currently rating an "F" it's scary to imagine what it would be like when they hit build out in 2035 if they do nothing.

The other options, that do not include the roundabouts, are very cost prohibitive. No matter what, it's all going to be a ton of money, but redoing the off ramps with more lanes is crazy money. In option 3, you can see where they would be completely moving the on and off ramps off of Railroad Canyon.
There were large scale posters with realistic artist renderings of what the area will look like once completed. Very impressive and it gives a person a better sense of what is going to happen there. You can find the images online at the official website of the project. The link is below.
Gustavo (I didn't get his last name) of RCTC is discussing the potential roundabouts with George Cambero.

Below is an animated video of how the traffic will flow at the five roundabouts. Further along in the video the animation changes from areal view to street view. It starts at about the 6:20 mark.

Click here to jump to the in car view.

The main speaker was Scott Ritchie, his title was roundabout expert, and he gave a pretty convincing argument for the proposed project. From cost, to safety, to construction time it's seems like a no brainer over the other options.

One question from the audience was about safety. That's been my worry too. How do you expect this to work when common courtesy has dipped so low. Where young punks on a city facebook group will lambaste 80 year old women and then hide behind, "but it's free speech man,"?

The answer was poignant. Those people have to be endured no matter what design is chosen. 

If you're interested in this, be sure to visit the webpage and give it a good perusal. While there, you can sign up to be on an email list, and they'll gladly send you updates. If you are a resident of Lake Elsinore, they'd like you to weigh in with your opinions. This will be voted on in the next month or two and this is your chance to be heard. The soonest that construction will begin is Autumn of 2017.

Click here for the official webpage of the project.

I had a chance to speak with County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries about this and was glad to know that the center turn lane will be coming back. The current striping is for the safety of the workers as they make improvements to the shoulder areas. Below is the official update.

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