Wednesday, July 22, 2015

• Thieves Steal American Flag From VFW

Thieves brazenly stole an American flag in broad daylight from the VFW... on the 4th of July no less!

Here is the official write up of the incident.
Subjects: White Male and Female, both mid-twenties

Vehicle: Dark Silver or Charcoal Grey, 2013-2015 Ford Fusion, unknown license, no front plate with tinted windows

On Saturday July 4, 2015, at 1937 hours, the above pictured vehicle drove into the VFW parking lot, located at 21180 Waite Street, in the City of Wildomar. The vehicle was occupied by, a white male in his mid-twenties driver and a white female passenger. The vehicle drove through the parking lot making a U-turn (within the parking lot) and returning to the entrance/exit to the VFW parking lot. The driver exited the vehicle, pulled a three by five foot American Flag that was hoisted on a pole, from the ground. The driver then placed the flag on the hood of the vehicle and got back in the vehicle. The driver held the pole to the flag, leaving the flag on the exterior of the vehicle as he drove out of the VFW parking lot, eastbound

If you have any info about this, you are encouraged to contact Deputy Hill at (951) 245-3300.

I remembered hearing about this a couple of weeks ago, and asked why this took so long to get to the official release stage and was reminded that, as offensive as this cowardly act was, it wasn't a priority call, and that it took some time to get the video reviewed and ready. 

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How sacredly reputation must be guarded. How fragile a thing it is, and should it be lost it is rarely regained. — EG Marshall

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