Friday, July 24, 2015

• Wildomar Gets A New Skate Park, Thanks To Lake Elsinore ☺

It was a packed crowd over at Serenity Park, just over the border (Corydon St), in Lake Elsinore that was on hand to see the official opening of the new skate park.
A look at the impromptu dais for the dedication and ribbon cutting and those looking on.
It was a fun atmosphere with skateboarders, razor scooter-ists, and MX bikes were all represented in various age groups that ran the gamut. There were also many reps from various skateboard companies with booths set up and plenty of local dignitaries too. Including State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos, Lake Elsinore Council Member Daryl Hickman, a representative of State Senator Jeff Stone's office, Wildomar Chief of Police Captain Leonard Hollingsworth, and plenty of others that I didn't know their names.

A little bit of banter between Melissa Melendez and Steve Manos during the dedication.

I asked Melissa Melendez for a quote about the new skate park:
This city has spent a number of years trying to make sure there are amenities available for young families raising children. This is another example of how hard they have worked to make sure that families are taken care of.

Looking at the newly dedicated monument.
I asked Steve Manos for a quick quote about the new park after I thanked him for building a skate park for Wildomar, which brought some chuckles.
We're hoping that the Serenity Skate Park serves not only the families of Lake Elsinore specifically, but also the county (Lakeland Village) and the City of Wildomar. We're very excited and we had a lot of support from many of the constituents and leaders in the area and we're very proud to go ahead and put together something that is been so well received.
—Steve Manos Mayor Lake Elsinore

The park is open from 6:00am to sunset and it's located on Palomar just north of Corydon, and though this park is physically in the City of Lake Elsinore, it's closer to Wildomar's population than it is theirs. So if you're a skateboarder, or like to use razor scooters (I assume that's what they still call them) then you should head on over there and try it out.

Skateboarding is training, but I don't think of it as training. It's fun. Shaun White

Wildomar Rap rues that horrid rainy Halloween where a new plexiglass skateboard was promised if 100 pieces of candy could be fleeced from the neighboring houses. What a bust, the final count didn't even come to close 60 pieces.


  1. You should have taken some churros with you from from the new Cottage Food Operation "Papa Sanchez's Churros" in Wildomar. They are doing so well they will start opening, next week, Friday Saturday and Sunday's from 5-9 pm.

    1. We actually went to Papa Sanchez's after going to the skate park and in addition to churros, we took some pics and got a quote. I plan on a blog being uploaded either this coming Thursday or Friday.

  2. How about a pitch for Jack's BBQ too? Over on Lakeshore drive?

    1. The blog is WildomarRap not Elsinore yap. Its bad enough he snuck just over the border to the skate park. I have to admit I did hear about Papa Sanchez at Taco's Elsinore just over the border. Three weeks later it has become a Friday night ritual. Look forward to your write up Joseph
      Kenny Mayes
      Fighting for Food Trucks in Wildomar

    2. I've heard about that place and drove by it the other day on my way to the Water District meeting. Thing is, I generally try and keep my blogs about things in Wildomar. Still, I need to go over there and get a plate of their ribs one way or the other.

    3. Kenny Kenny Kenny grumpy much? Joseph has also written about Grand avenue work in Lakeland Village. Everything around us impacts Wildomar. But good job on saying something positive about something. That has to be a first.

    4. Is the assistance league in Wildomar? The Rap writes about things not just in the Wildomar city limits.


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