Thursday, August 27, 2015

• Pins 'N Pockets Grand Opening

Tonight was a big gala event over at Pins 'N Pockets which is pin high with The Diamond (AKA "Storm Stadium") in Lake Elsinore on Mission Trail.

I was there last November and again in January and when I entered the front doors this time, I was amazed at the difference. The previous times I was a bit overwhelmed with the busy decor (the old floor could give a person vertigo it was so intricate). They've completely modernized the place all the way down to a new floor that doesn't require a person to take Dramamine before entering.

Seriously, I didn't recognize the place. We had a tour of the new entertainment center and it's sure to be a gem for the entire area to enjoy.

They have a great arcade near the entry and also a state of the art laser tag arena that accommodates up to 30 participants. Just past the arcade you come to a very inviting bar area with tables and chairs along with a couple of pool tables on the left side.

Further down is the main bowling area which sparkles enticingly for you to put on a pair of bowling shoes and pick up a ball. 

There are several private areas that are set up for parties. I'd call them private rooms, but they are huge and have four private lanes in each of them. There is an even larger "private room" that had even more lanes in it.

There is a large banquet room that has a capacity of more than 400. 

They are still building a sports bar that will be the home of their pool tables and where they will host pay per view events. 

Tonight had many local dignitaries there to kick off a new chapter in local entertainment. This place is designed for families and their stated goal is to maintain it that way. If you have bad memories of any past bowling places that were at the same address, time to flush those out. This place stands on its own.
A side view of the crowd gathered to celebrate the grand opening.

The evening started with group led tours and a stop at the bar for refreshments and hors d'oeuvres. They didn't have Guinness so I got the stout that was suggested. Now if I could only remember what it was called... it was pretty tasty.

Around 7:00ish Welcoming Speeches were given. They didn't have a PA system, so it wasn't easy to hear many of the words, but when Lake Elsinore mayor Steve Manos got up to address the crowd, he belted out his words in a way that would have made Luciano Pavarotti proud. No, not singing ☺ and not shouting, but booming! He made it so that the person furthest away could hear him clearly.
Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos welcomes Pins 'N Pockets to the area in a booming voice.

Next was the ribbon cutting. 

You can see Wildomar's Mayor Ben Benoit in the back and center, our Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore on the left, and if you enlarge the image you can get a glimpse of Wildomar Council Member Marsha Swanson peeking from behind Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos (who's up front and to the right of the scissors).
Smiles all around as the two ribbons were bisected.

P'NPs were showcasing their food prowess with three different tastes: Western, Mexican, and Italian. Thankfully I've learned the art of moderation and avoided a food coma from the variety and abundance on hand. The room was magnificent and one can only imagine an event with a band playing.
A look a the banquet room.

To cap off the night we had a round of laser tag. At first it seemed that only five were going to play. This is one of those games that is more fun with a large crowd. Much to our delight another 25 people were rounded up and we had a full match. That was a crazy workout and I was almost ready to tap out when the game was officially over. 

I think our team won, but it was too much fun to be worried about that. Though I can imagine there being laser tag leagues with serious competitors. I was just glad to see that I had the best percentage (34%) among my fellow blue team members.

The Grand Opening continues on Saturday. Check out the info from their website.

Pins 'N Pockets is having it's GRAND OPENING! We invite you, your family, and friends to join the party! We will be giving out 1 FREE round of Laser Tag, 1 FREE game of bowling, and 1 FREE $5 Arcade PlayCard for each guest!During the Grand Opening, we will be having 'Lights-Out' Bowling, which consists of flashing lights, loud music, and a blast for everyone! If you're interested, we encourage you and everyone to stop by and join the party! — Pins 'N Pockets Management Team


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