Tuesday, September 22, 2015

• Brown Thumbs His Nose At RivCo Again

I just heard that Governor Brown vetoed SB 25. The bill that would have restored much needed funding to the city of Wildomar ($1.9M per year).

It appears that our funding will never be restored as long as he's in charge. He obviously wasn't moved by the letter writing campaign that many residents in Wildomar participated in. I got a couple of quick reactions from the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem.

"I'm severely disappointed that he (Brown) didn't right a wrong"
Mayor Ben Benoit 
"I'm sad and mad"
Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore
I guess there is a tarnished silver lining in there somewhere. There were two bills that were dealing with these moneys to Wildomar (and the other three RivCo cities in a similar boat). SB 25 would have returned the VLF funds, to a tune of about $1.9 million per year. That is the one that got vetoed.

The one that he did sign, SB 107, will basically pay off the incorporation debts we still owe to Riverside County. A one time sum of $1.4, which had been on a payment schedule at $100K per year. It was part of a larger bill that takes away redevelopment funds to other areas and somehow our debt gets cancelled at the same time.

So, in essence, Wildomar will be getting $100K per year for six years, instead of $1.9 Million per year (based on about $50 per resident, something that most other cities still get). If you're a glass half full type, then you're seeing that we just got an additional $100K in the kitty. However, if you're a realist, you can see that Brown basically shanked us again and took off with nearly $2Mil per year.

There's not really much more to be said at this point. We've lived with belt tightening for several years now, and most of us have become inured to the governor's disdain for our area. C'est la vie.

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How foolish it is to be avenged on you neighbor by setting his house on fire. ― Nero

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