Saturday, September 12, 2015

• Paperback Writer Rocks Marna O'Brien

 Beatle tribute band Paperback Writer put on a spectacular show at Marna O'Brien Park tonight.
The crowd getting ready for the start of the show.

Wildomar Little League was manning the snack bar, and at one point they ran out of hot dogs. The crowd was easily in excess of 300 people, and families were enjoying themselves. Kids were dancing in front of the stage most of the night.
Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore holding up one of Scott Rux's "Straight Outta Wildomar" shirts.

The band started off with the original Beatles' mop-top look and played such classics as She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, A Hard Days Night, Help, and many more for the first hour.
Getting that old Ed Sullivan groove down... poor "Ringo" was not easy to see from the front.

During the brief intermission they changed into Sargent Pepper's outfits and played many songs from that album. Songs, like With A Little Help From My Friends, When I'm Sixty-Four and A Day In The Life.

You've gotta love that "Paul" plays left handed!

They also played songs like Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Revolution, Magical Mystery Tour, Here Comes The Sun,  and they finished with a song that the Beatles were famous for, but didn't write: Twist and Shout.
A look at the band after the costume change and under the stage lights.

The crowd hooted and hollered and the band came back with an encore, and they obliged with Day Tripper. Which has one of the all time most recognizable riffs in rock and roll history.

Speaking of the Day Tripper riff... if you have 90 seconds check out my take on when the Beatles were in studio trying to record it.

Thanks to the city for putting on such a top notch show, and the diligent efforts on the part of city staffers Terry Rhodes and Janet Morales in getting the band to Wildomar. If I had any complaints it's that they didn't play ALL of the Beatles top 200 songs... but hey, that would have taken until at least 3:00AM and then they really would have had "Blisters" on their fingers. 

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