Saturday, October 17, 2015

• 11th Annual Farm Chili Cook-Off & Craft Fair

The Farm had their 11th annual chili cook-off and craft fair today, at Miller's Mill. I don't know what I was expecting, but they sure had my eyes popping out —and not just from some spicy chili. What a great community The Farm is.

First you go to the judging table and get your hand stamped and receive a ticket. One vote per customer. Afterward you go around to the various teams and they'd hand you a sample size that Costco would be envious of. Though it was a packed event, the teams brought plenty of their chili so that everyone got a taste, and in many instances, an extra taste to boot.
A look down one of the two rows they had.

I was trying to count the number of teams that were there (or course I could have gone to the judges table, but that would have been too simple). So I asked Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore if she knew, and her response was classic.

I know there were at least 12, because that one (number 12) was hot! 
— Bridgette Moore

 Team 6, the one that I happened to vote for. I loved the unique flavor, especially with some sour cream and cheese.

Part of the festivities were how the booths were decorated. Many of the participants were in farm style regalia too.
Most original "Chili" was the desert chili.

There were 18 teams that competed for People's Choice for best tasting chili, and 23 crafters.

A panoramic look of some of the craft displays.

The crafts were inside, that's also where you could buy a hot dog for a dollar or get water for free. Several talented people had their crafts on display. I was the dutiful husband as I waited patiently for my lovely wife to brows to her heart's content.
A panoramic view from the crafting area. Click image to enlarge.

What a fun event!

  • 1st place chile, Nancy Moore, Navy Moms chili, booth 4.
  • 2nd place for chili, The Recreation Committee, Flashback to the 50's, booth 2.
  • 3rd place for chili, the Sampson Family, booth 17. 
Special thanks to Mary Haire and Beverly Bakeman for helping me with some vital info here.  ☺

 •      •       
"Next to music there is nothing that lifts the spirits and strengthens the soul more than a good bowl of chili." ― Harry James, Band Leader

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