Sunday, November 1, 2015

• Halloween Around Town 2015

A couple of pumpkins painted at the event at Silver Oaks Park.

Even in a small city like Wildomar, there is just too much activity to cover in the narrow window of Halloween... but three family friendly events caught my eye.

Dishing up some fresh popped popcorn for eager trick or treaters.

First was at the community park called Silver Oaks. Realtor Joseph Onello sponsored this event where kids painted pumpkins, jumped in a bounce house, and got their picture taken.
The paint table where kids put their own special touches on pumpkins.

From there we went over to Cornerstone church to see their Trunk or Treat event. It was amazing.
A panoramic view of the 139 cars at Cornerstone church for their 2015 Trunk or Treat event.

The last count had 139 cars registered, and 1300 pounds of candy being on hand. The event was scheduled from 6pm to 8:30pm. We got there at about 5:30pm and they allowed the early trick or treaters to enter fifteen minutes early.

Happy families enjoying the evening.
What a spectacular bash they hosted. There were games, music, food, fire trucks, and candy galore.
A game of skill where tossing a wiffle ball into one of the pumpkins was the goal. 

We left early. I checked my watch and it was only 6:10. As I passed the official people counter I asked her what the current tally was. She showed me her counter and it was at 376 people. That was 10 mins into a two and half hour event.

Our next stop was in Windsong Valley where realtor Terri Holladay's  house was all decked out for a festive time. The best part was inside where delicious homemade chili, french dip sandwiches, fried chicken, and a complete sweet table was set out. Not to mention the libations available to those over 21.

If you're from Windsong Valley, this house needs to be on your trick or treat map.
The "graveyard" at the Holladay house. Complete with a zombie that rose from a coffin to scare trick or treaters.

While driving through the neighborhood I didn't see the throngs of trick or treaters like I'd seen in years past. I probably was just on the wrong street at the wrong time, or... they were all over at Cornerstone. ☺
One of  the many detailed installations crafted to give a person the willies at the haunted house on Pashal.

Up the street from Terri's place is a house that goes all out too. They lost a large olive tree during last year's snow storm, but that didn't stop them from going all out. A glowing graveyard with many props. A favorite of the neighborhood.

I'm sure that throughout the city there must have been hundreds of other well decorated homes too.

Next year Halloween will be on a Monday. I know that the city of Wildomar is looking to upgrade their Trunk or Treat event by putting it on the grass, freeing up the parking lot for the participating families. Adding a DJ, and many other things that are just in the idea stage at this point. If you have ideas, I'm sure that they'd to hear them.

It'll be wise to coordinate with Cornerstone and keep the events on different days. Maybe they'd even want to have a car at the city event too.
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“Too much work, and no vacation, 
Deserves at least a small libation.
So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses;
Work's the curse of the drinking classes.”
― Oscar Wilde

Wildomar Rap is happy to call Wildomar home. Not only is it a good community to live in, but it goes well with the name of the blog.

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