Saturday, November 14, 2015

• Wildomar Residents Line Up For Sandbags

Today was part one of a two part event. Sandbags and sand were available at the cemetery today for those that proved residency. Keith Ross, head of Wildomar's code enforcement team, was there checking in those that came. Which numbered 85 cars as of 12:30pm. A couple of cars from other cities had to be turned away.

The line up started before the official start time of 8:00am and there wasn't a break until approaching 1:00pm.
In the photos above you can see some of the volunteers. They were missionaries from the LDS Church and other than during their shift change, when the morning crew left and the afternoon crew came in, there were always at least six there ready to help fill bags or load them into vehicles.

There were 34 tons of material and each resident could take up to 25 bags, which weighed in the 25 to 40 pound range depending on who filled them. Basic math tells you that as many as 2,100 bags were filled and carted off.
This is what was left of the sand pile at noon. It started more than four feet tall.

Also on hand from the city was Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore. She wasn't just there for a photo op, she worked filling bags and helping lug them to cars for hours... in addition to going out and getting water and pizza for the volunteers.

I showed up just to take some pictures and found myself helping out a few ladies that lived off of Union Street, which morphed into helping in general until close to 1:00pm. It was a great morning for it, though I'm sure my back will remind me about it later on.

If you missed this chance to get sandbags, they are still available at the cemetery during the week. It's best to contact Les Chapman first, and make arrangements with him on times, etc.

Les Chapman
Phone: 951-677-7751
Municipal Services

Saturday December 5th will be another event like today, where volunteers will help you. 

Key word is help → you. 
Unless you're on the disabled list, then please be ready to work with the volunteers that are on hand.

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Wildomar Rap is more into sand castles at the beach than sand bags at the cemetery, but you can't have chocolate ice cream for breakfast everyday... right?

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