Thursday, February 11, 2016

• MSJC Update: City Council Meeting Feb 2016

Lot's of news came from the February 10th City Council meeting, and I think it makes most sense to break into two blogs.

First bit of news, was a MSJC (Mount San Jacinto College Wildomar Campus) update.
Dr. Roger Schultz, president/superintendent of MJSC, gave a 7 minute presentation to the council about the project's current standing. Local resident Gary Andre jumped up to be the ring card girl, holding the poster up for the council, and the audience, to more easily see it.

Here are the highlights from the presentation 

• $44,000,000 of $295,000,000, in Measure AA Bonds, were earmarked for the Wildomar campus.
• Lawsuit filed in 2014 against MSJC.
• Judge ruled in favor of MSJC Dec 2015.
An appeal of the court's decision has been made.
• Next step is the EIR process.
• To be built out over many decades.
• MSJC was named in the top 150 community colleges in the country out of 1100 in the nation.
• MSJC has been recognized as the fastest grown community college in the state.
• Women's basketball team is ranked first.
• Recently added an engineering program.

Let's talk about the highlighted portion in the above list.

Back in December the Press Enterprise wrote a scathing editorial about the "serial litigants" that are behind this legal action. Please read it for yourself to get a feel for what dispassionate and unbiased people think of the players involved.

I particularly enjoyed the final paragraph of the editorial:
Such an unequivocal ruling by the trial judge ought to persuade Ms. Bridges and Mr. Burkett from taking their legal challenge against the county and the community college district any further. But we suspect that the plaintiffs cannot help but to continue their dubious litigation until the bitter end. 
—PE Editorial Writer, December 17, 2015

Just as I had predicted three days earlier than the PE editorial:
Now let's hope that the message sinks in, and that she doesn't look to delay the building of the college again. However, if Las Vegas laid odds on such things, I'd be betting that she has already worded her appeal and typed it up in triplicate. 
—Wildomar Rap, December 14, 2015
Looks as if the "community activist" is still trying to joust with the big boys. Doggedly tone deaf to be sure.
In round one, MSJC crushed the local perpetual plaintiff... but apparently she's smarter than everyone else in the state. Including the voters, the legal experts, the judge and the editorial writers of the Press Enterprise.

If you listen closely to the words of Dr. Roger Schlutz in the above video, you can hear that he still only speaks of Wildomar as a potential place for the new campus in this area. 

His words, "This is all conceptual, if this is the potential site," found at the the 4:15 mark in the video are a bit disconcerting. Can this project actually be taken away from Wildomar because of the actions of one person? 

Well, that's what has happened with the forced move to council districts... all because of the actions of one person. Whoever he or she was.

•        •        •

We think of the hostage as someone who's being held at gunpoint by some desperate terrorist, or demented criminal. Yet, so many of us are held hostage by things that are deep inside ourselves. We are held hostage by fear, ignorance and hatred.
— EG Marshall, CBSRMT 1979

Wildomar Rap reminds you: that El Niño is real, even if it never actually materializes. Let's all go wash our cars just to dare The Little Boy to come and rain on them.


  1. Ms Miller has suggested that MSJC BUY THE JUNIOR HIGH ON THEIR BLOCK IN Menifee AND NOT COME TO WILDOMAR WHICH DISTURBS THE COUNCIL FOR LOST OF REVENUE. If WE KEEP WILDOMAR RURAL, THEN, WE DON'T NEED BIG CITY ACTIONS LIKE MORE POLICE. SO, STOP THE MASS CONSTRUCTION BY FOREIGN DEVELOPERS (this time from La Jolla). WHAT ISN'T MENTIONED IS ALL THE DESTRUCTION FROM APARTMENTS, CONDOS, HOUSES AND BIG BOX COMMERICAL THAT WAS PASSED BY ALL COUNCILMEN INCLUDING BOB CASHMAN ON PRIELIPP ROAD. This will totally terrify the traffic in front of Inland Valley hospital and Clinton Keith which doesn't need widening if there is no MSJC and no more apartments. Stop covering over the CO2 absorbing fields and in this case the endangered California poppy. If you don't like Wildomar council members move back to Orange County where you came from. We don't want your city ways. and find someone to run against Bob Cashman that really does have ties to the Sierra Club. This terrible project mentioned Wed night is hundreds of units probably looking like that monster at the end of Clinton Keith, and it includes an assisted living. The council needs assisted brain waves that function. They are not the only city on Planet Earth and Murrieta just put up that monster assisted living across from The Colony know as Renaissance more like Backwardance because it will place more car trips on Prielipp trying to get to the freeway. These people are reminiscence of Hitler on meth rebuilding Berlin.

    1. Interesting points, thanks for posting your thoughts on the matter. It's really a bigger issue than a tiny, underfunded, city like Wildomar can handle. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. On the one side part the community has desires for open space, and the other side wants modern amenities. The landowners have rights, and maybe they would just move on if told "no," or they may be within their rights to take the matter to court and get their way at our expense.

      Things have constantly changed, and the natural landscape is the first thing to go. Even in the times of Ma and Pa Ingalls when they cleared land for their little house on the prairie.


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