Friday, February 26, 2016

• Wildomar Business Spotlight

What's worse than having soapy water bubble up in your toilet? 

How about some icky water coming up in the tubs?
(yes, I actually used the word "icky" and you would have too if you'd seen it)

There's nothing quite like a plumbing problem to start your day. 

It wasn't anywhere near the urgency of coming home to a flooded living room, that happened to us couple of years ago, but it's still not something you can ignore.

My lovely wife took the magnet off the fridge we'd had there for the last several years, and told me to call.

I'd heard good things about Wildomar Plumbing & Drain, but hadn't ever dealt directly with them (the times they'd been to the house in the past, Mrs. Wildomar Rap took care of it)

I waited until about 7:30am to call, even though the card says 24 hrs 7 days a week, no need to overreact here. ☺

The call was answered by Jeannie Hall, and I described the problem. I figured it was going to be a basic house call with a fixed price, and I was right. 

The estimate was $99, but while on the phone I gave the toilets a test flush, and unlike earlier, they functioned normally. 

Assuming that the clog had cleared itself, and wanting to keep my $99, I told her that 'I wanted to do a test load of laundry first' and that I'd call back.

All was going well, and why wouldn't it be? Filling the washer wasn't the problem, it was when the washer drained that the problem would manifest itself.

I made it to about 8:10am, thinking of various ways to spend my new found $99, when I heard a gurgling sound coming from the hall bathroom. 

So I called Wildomar Plumbing & Drain again, but my call went straight to voice mail. It's not so easy to answer the phone when you're working with your hands. 

Being Mr. Impatient, I waited a whole 20 mins before making another call, but it went straight to voice mail again. I apologized for calling twice and said that I'd wait for their call.

I might have waited as much as another half an hour, then the phone rang. It was the friendly voice of Jeannie Hall and she said they could be to the house in about half an hour.

I knew where the drain access in the garage was, so I moved the car and got it ready for action.
Drain plug in the garage.
Jeannie and Doug arrived promptly and got right to work. They popped the drain plug and immediately diagnosed the problem. 

A massive hair ball, about the size of a squirrel, that had gotten hung up at a juncture in the pipes.

What I really liked about their service, in addition to their cheerful dispositions, was how they wanted to educate me on how to deal with a similar issue the next time.

Doug also described some of the piping peculiarities in my neighborhood. 

From the house to the junction was all smooth plastic, and from the junction to the street was also smooth plastic, but that the junction itself was made of metal and at the its age (house built in 1989) it was corroded and things commonly can get hung up there.

While Doug was finishing up the job, I settled up the bill with Jeannie. Much to my delight, she told me that the charge wasn't going to be as high as the original estimate. 

It was after that, that I asked them if it was ok for me to take their picture and use it in a blog. 
Doug and Jeannie Hall in front of their new truck.

I told them that I'd only heard good things about them from my wife, and also on social media, and that now I know first hand.

As they were leaving Jeannie made sure I had an updated fridge magnet.

•        •        •

Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is.
— Spencer Tracy

Wildomar Rap laughs in the face of El Niño, and double dog dares it to rain in SoCal. At the current rate, we'd be lucky to hit the normal yearly average. 

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