Thursday, May 5, 2016

• Mayor's Prayer Breakfast 2016

Thursday May 5th, 2016 marked the first annual Wildomar Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. 

It's coordinated with the National Day of Prayer, which falls on the first Thursday in May, not necessarily Cinco de Mayo as it did this year.

The event was held at the VFW and started at 6:30am, where Starbucks coffee was served along side of some Wolfee donuts, muffins and some fresh fruit. 

At 7:00am the program started off with an opening prayer from Pastor Jeff Rosen of Cornerstone Community Church, then the pledge of allegiance led by Michael Sheehan of the VFW. 

Next was the National Anthem sung by a pair of young sisters named Jocelyn and Galilea Leon. 

At this point Mayor Bridgette Moore gave the official welcome to those present. 

Followed by "messages" from:

  • Pastor Wink Davis of Gracepoint Church of the Nazarene
  • President Robert Wilson of the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • LCDR Genevieve Clark, CHC, USN, Command Chaplain US Navy
  • Kristan Lloyd
  • Fr. James Oropel of St. Frances of Rome.
Sandy Thomas, a member of Cornerstone, played the acoustic guitar and sang a song midway through the event.
It was a nice morning, even for a non churchgoer like myself. Let's hope that this event gets some legs and becomes a yearly tradition here and with all the local churches of Wildomar participating.
A montage of all the speakers with Mayor Moore.

Below is a video of the event. Please forgive the couple of places that the camera was moved, went out of focus and shut off once. 

After it gets past the 4 minute mark, I figured out the tripod and it's basically smooth sailing from there to the end. Total run time is about 45 mins.
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