Wednesday, May 18, 2016

• Planning Commission Meeting May 2016

Tonight's meeting had only one real item on the agenda. A new retail project on the northeast corner of Clinton Keith and George. It calls for about 40,000 sf in seven buildings, ranging from 2200sf to 12,000sf, anchored by a 7-11 gas station. 

A similar project was approved back in 2009, but the developer didn't start the project and had to come back to get the ball rolling again.

The only real discussion of the project revolved around building "D" (the smaller one on the north end of the project) and it only being set back two feet from the property line.

They'll need to get an easement with the other property owner for future maintenance.

I asked the developers when they anticipated getting the first shovel in the ground, something that I've learned never has a definitive answer, and it seems that they don't anticipate any long delays.

I asked, "So, by the end of the year?"

"Hopefully not that long," was the reply.

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The other news to come out of the meeting was commissioner Dan Bidwell stepping down. It's been known for awhile that he was anticipating a job transfer to Arizona, and now it's occurred.

It won't be official until after the council accepts his resignation. After that the process of finding a replacement will begin. His seat is set to expire at the end of the year, as he's the commissioner appointed by councilmember Bob Cashman, who's in an election year —if he chooses to run again.

Also, a new vice chair was chosen. A move that was needed with the recent vacancy created when Gary Brown stepped down. A unanimous choice of Stan Smith was made for the post.

The next planning commission meeting is supposed to feature Baxter Village. To refresh your minds on the details, follow the link to the blog that covered it.

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