Thursday, July 7, 2016

• Wildomar Get's Spanked? Really???

Someone shared a link to a Patch article with me, and when I clicked on it I saw that it wasn't actually an article, but just a throwback to a bygone era —when locals would post all sorts of half-baked stories just to get a rise out of commenters. Things based in truth, but then spun into yarns that would even make Munchhausen blush.
Ominous looking headline. I'm guessing this will end up on Eye Witness News, film at 11 with Jerry Dunphy.

After reading the information (which had a total of 765 words to describe a report with 555 words, of which 121 words dealt with Wildomar's history as a town and a city) I thought I'd give another perspective on the topic of "Wildomar Gets Spanked".

This Grand Jury Report only came to be because a resident complained about something. 

Something that is utterly unworthy of serious discussion, but some people keep the bar to such things so low, that even an ant can step over it.

The report is titled 2015-2016 GRAND JURY REPORT City of Wildomar. Allow me to just cut and paste it instead of recapping it.
After being reminded about that, next the methodology was discussed.

I had been wondering why the Grand Jury would bother with such picayune nonsense, but it was right there in black and white. They interviewed a "Citizen of Wildomar" aka (Complainant)... figures.  

It wasn't like they came looking on their own, someone told them that the sky was falling and they were basically obliged to check it out.

Well, this has to be good... right? Something along the lines of either the corruption exposed in Bell (from several years ago) or even Beaumont's current fiasco... again... right?

I'm still trying to figure out the problem here. 

The agendas and vacancies do get posted, just as they're supposed to be, yet people still find ways to get rankled over it. 

Somehow the City is supposed to have jurisdiction over bulletin boards at the Library (county) and the Post Office (federal)?

Well, I wonder what the Grand Jury has in mind as punishment for old Willy'Mar? 

Seems like the best solution is the city website and stop with all the corny bollocks of posting it at the library, post office or fire station. As disheartening as this may be to hear, we are NOT Mayberry RFD of the 1950s. We jus' ain't.

I still fancy the bulletin board behind the hitchin' post over at Round Up my own self. 

The fact that so few people participate in local politics, or apply for positions on city commissions, can be traced to several things. None of which includes they couldn't easily find the information.
  • First, people across the nation simply do not care about civic duties like they may have in the past. 
  • Second, Wildomar, for all it's 130 years of existence, is still a brand new community. Most of our 35,000 residents came here [relatively] recently and often have allegiances to their childhood neighborhoods/cities. 
  • Third, and not to be too quickly discounted, this city has had more than its share of mean-spirited cranks in it. It doesn't take a lot to chase good people back to the safety of their homes, and they know it, and think they have some kind of muscle they can flex to scare others. 

Another thing, what is with people that are looking for trouble where it doesn't exist? That is the same mentality that forced Wildomar to go to districts, because of unfounded and offensive suggestions, that members of the community were being kept from voting for a candidate of their choice based on ethnicity. 

These kinds of false accusations to the Grand Jury do NOT help the cause of the average citizen. When you repeatedly cry wolf, and there is no wolf, the real wolf just may take notice as everyone else turns a deaf ear... then you end up with a situation like Beaumont.

This kind of "story" is why I stopped visiting the Patch years ago. This was found there, but no mention of the coming City Birthday event? Pshaw!

FTR this blog had 675 words in it (not counting the report graphics, that is).

•        •        •

Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.

—Baron Munchausen 

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: If you're really that bored, try either crossword puzzles or Words With Friends... assuming you have friends.


  1. I dare anyone in town to go to the wildomar post office today and find the agenda for Wednesday nights city council meeting. Per the city clerk this was posted at 5:00 pm last night (Friday).

    1. Kenny
      I'm 100% for openness and transparency on the part of government (all levels) except when national security is at stake. That said, there isn't a single human being in the 21st century that gets their info from a bulletin board at the library or post office. It's time for us to put away the buggy whips, we have cars now. It's time to stop pretending that such bulletin boards are actually ways that modern people get informed about anything more than a used lawn mower.

  2. People are getting there with the internet, but, even when the auto came there were many still using horses for many years. Even today about 15% of the population do not use the internet.
    During the very first day of cityhood, council passed Resolution 08-07 DESIGNATING LOCATIONS FOR POSTING OF AGENDAS, ORDINANCES AND/OR RESOLUTIONS REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE PUBISHED OR POSTED. Two of those location are the Post Office and the Library. Until laws are changed they need to be followed no matter how distasteful.


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