Wednesday, August 17, 2016

• City Council Election 2016 Update 2

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Sadly, we won't be seeing signs like this one around town in 2016.
There were endless slogan possibilities for Mayor Moore,
but alas, we'll never know what they might have been.

Due to the shortsightedness of some cowardly people, that weren't willing to put their names to the accusation of racism against the people Wildomar, we now have safe seats here... better known as districts. 

Certainly so if you're a high quality public servant like Bridgette Moore.

She was the only one to file papers for District 4, so in reality, it's her job for as long as she wants to do it.

Here's a link to a January blog discussing the forced move to districts

But we may end up seeing signs like the examples below.
This is just a mockup as an example of what might be going up around town.
I have no idea what his actual signs might look like.

Dustin Nigg got his papers on day one of the period, and turned them in a couple of days later. He is running in District 2, which is where The Farm is, among other areas of Wildomar.

Here's a link to a video of Candidate Nigg as he introduced himself to the council at the last city council meeting.
A map of Wildomar's districts, with District 2 highlighted.

At the 11th hour another candidate turned in their papers from district 2. So it's looking a lot like there will be a race for Bob Cashman's old seat afterall.

Though it'll take a day or two to have the signatures verified, there is oddly still an embargo on the person's identity

Until that time, we can only speculate as to who it is that is seeking to represent Wildomar from District 2. 

Anonymity is a peculiar strategy in politics.

Do we already know this person?

Is this candidate being backed by any particular groups? 

What prompted them to run in the first place? 

Why the secrecy?

Have they been active in the community before?

Stay tuned, we'll be finding out some time before the election.

Welcome aboard Linda Gonzales. Can't wait to find out who you are and what your plans for Wildomar could be. 

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Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught.

—Unknown Author

Wildomar Rap would like to spill the well guarded secret that this blog is written by one guy that gets paid jack diddly squat for the effort.


  1. Glad to see two candidates in that race. It would have been a shame to have someone just walk in off the street and get it. I wonder if any of the instigators of this whole district thing(or other "things") live in that district(we know one does not)? And I wonder why are they so unwilling to step up and join the process? Of course that might mean giving up filing lawsuits?? Hmmmm....

    1. I agree that whoever ends up with the seat from District 2, they will feel better about it by gaining it through votes and not due to apathy, where no one else sought it, and were appointed. Had there not been the need for an election, there would always be a pall hanging over the person that suggested they didn't earn it.

      I've seen the push for districts, which was based on an unfounded and ugly accusation, as a slap against the entire population of Wildomar. We know the reasons why we didn't defend such a charge (a lose lose even if the city had won in court), but I'd have liked to have seen the person(s) behind it have to say so publicly and then make their case for it. Instead, they are protected by a cloak of secrecy as the community as a whole remains stained by their assertions.


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