Wednesday, August 31, 2016

• City Council Election 2016 Update: Gonzales Out

Just got an election update from Wildomar city clerk Debbie Lee. 
(Note: you got the same email if you're signed up for them)

Before anyone had a chance to meet Linda Gonzales she has withdrawn from the race for the city council seat of District 2.

Wow, "health issues" — I sure hope she's ok. 

I'd imagine that they couldn't stem from pre-existing conditions, because if they had, she wouldn't have put her name into consideration in the first place... right?

I sure hope she has a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, congratulations to Dustin Nigg on his victory in November. It'll be interesting to see how many votes will come from a single district... and how many will go to each candidate.

It is too late to take her name off the ballot or withdraw her candidate statement.

In the last election that was held in a presidential year, Bridgette Moore pulled in 4,874 votes. I think that's the record for any one council member.

This includes votes from all five districts, and with each voter being able to vote for two candidates.

That record is safe as long as we have districts. 

Now the question is, what will the new record be? Dividing that by five, it seems as if getting 1000 votes will be a tall order to fill.

We should start an office pool.

I'm sure that Dustin Nigg will still want to do a "Better Know a Candidate" blog, and that should be out sometime in September.
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