Monday, August 8, 2016

• City Council Elections 2016

There May Not Be Any City Council Elections in 2016, Councilmember Bob Cashman Declines To Run For A Third Term, Leaving Just One Qualified Candidate In District 2

There had been some question if longtime city councilmember, and first mayor of Wildomar, Bob Cashman would run for a third term this year, and it was just released that he is not going to run.

Now that we are districts, the only people that can run for Bob's seat are those that live in district 2, which includes The Farm.
Districts 2 and 4 are up this year. With the other districts facing elections in 2018.

As it is, Dustin Nigg has qualified for the ballot. 

If there isn't a second candidate from district 2, then the council will have to decide whether to appoint Candidate Nigg, or hold an election with just his name on the ballot and an open spot for write-ins.

It costs thousands of dollars to have an election

City council elections have averaged about $24,000 in the past. This is the city's first go at elections by district so the potential costs aren't known. 

However, we can always ballpark it. Let's divide $24K by 5 seats, and we come up with about $5,000 per seat. 

As of the writing of this blog, there are nine days left for a candidate to arrange for a meeting with city clerk Debbie Lee, pull papers, gather signatures and turn them in.

If there are any district 2 candidates lurking out there, you need to hightail it over to city hall and start the process, or hold your peace for another four years.

Dustin Nigg was able to make that turn around in just a few days as he had the first available appointment to pull papers, and got them back in before the end of the same week.

I for one would NOT like to see a meaningless election where there is only one name, and then space for a write-in. 

If someone wants to be on the city council, they should be able to get the papers filled out in a timely manner. 

I'm guessing that this will be addressed at this Wednesday's city council meeting. Look for additional details in the blog covering it.

Almost forgot something

2016 Mayor Bridgette Moore's seat is up for grabs this year too (district 4), but thanks to the dimwitted efforts of those that thought By District Voting would be better for democracy in Wildomar, I predict there won't be any elections in district 4, and that applies for as long as Bridgette Moore chooses to represent the city. 

Man, those sour grapes sure turned into a very pungent vinegar didn't they?
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