Wednesday, October 5, 2016

• National Bike To School Day

How did you celebrate National Bike to School Day?

If you were Wildomar Mayor Bridgette Moore, you joined the Garlich Family Child Care and took a one mile stroll around the neighborhood.
Pamela Garlich leads the pack. 
She, and most of the kids, were decked out in fancy bicycle helmets.

You couldn't ask for better weather for such an excursion as the sky was blue, the sun was mild and there was nary a breeze to interfere.
Group shot, including Spiderman, at the halfway mark.

As the convoy was heading to the neighborhood park.
The group arrived at the local neighborhood park where a Disney Princess was awaiting. Before heading out, Mayor Moore reminding the kids that Trunk or Treat is only a few weeks away, and to also put Breakfast With Santa on their calendars too.
Spiderman, Mayor Bridgette Moore and Pamela Garlich.

Now, before good ol' Spiderman thinks he was was the only superhero in the above picture, let's compare his schedule with that of Mayor Moore. 

Before attending this walk/bike event, she had started her day off at the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce's monthly breakfast meeting, where she practiced next week's State of the City speech (link for free tickets).

From there she's headed out to Morongo for a State of the County event, that's not a gimme drive. Once back in Wildomar she is scheduled to attend a ribbon cutting at a new Coldwell Banker office.

But if that isn't enough, to impress you —check this out. She saw a stray dog in the neighborhood where the kids were, and called AFV and waited. 

Not all of you know this, but she is highly allergic to dogs, yet still tried to coax it into her car to provide transport to the shelter. After about a half an hour of waiting, a neighbor saw what was happening and suggested putting the dog in her backyard until AFV could arrive.

Oops, this blog is supposed to be about National Bike to School Day. 

As you can see above, they already have next year's date locked and loaded.

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One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle.
— Michael Palin

Wildomar Rap remembers when EVERYDAY was "bike to school" day, and participated from Kindergarten through 11th grade.

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