Friday, November 11, 2016

• Eagle Scout Project at Marna O'Brien Park

Addisun Rice, of Boy Scout Troop 90 and a senior at Elsinore High School, put the finishing touches on his Eagle Scout project this week.

The project dealt with installing shade structures on the two dugouts on the near ball field at Marna O'Brien park.

He started this project, at the concept level, back in May of this year and has spent about 150 hours on it so far. 

He estimates that more than 300 man hours have gone into this when you add in the time from the 30 plus volunteers that have helped him so far.
A look at the third base dugout after the taller fence posts were installed.

The volunteers came from his church, from the boy scouts, from the city, and the community.
Volunteers helping hoist the chainlink up to it's new home above the third base dugout.
The new structure on the first base dugout.
He raised about $2500 to complete this project. He told me that he's learned leadership, patience and how to plan a project out during this Eagle Scout project.
What the new shade structure looks like from shallow right field.
Addisun is due to go in front of the Eagle Board of Review around the 25th of November, that's when Eagle Scout status is officially conferred.
Key players on this project include Brad Evans (City of Wildomar), Addisun Rice, and Daniel Torres (City of Wildomar).

Thanks again to the hard work and diligence of the local scouts. 
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