Sunday, November 6, 2016

• Girl Scout Troop 90 Jumps Into Action To Help Local Family After Fire Destroys Home

On Halloween night a local Wildomar family, two adults and five children, returned to their home from trick or treating to find it on fire.
Right away the community jumped into gear to help the family out. Sunday November 6th Girl Scout Troop 90 had organized a donation drive. People brought bedding, dishes, toys, end tables, a couch, cookware and other items.
There were many bags of clothes and other goods dropped off.

The goods were collected in front of the city council chambers and then transported over to Extra Storage on Mission Trail.
Girl Scout Troop 90.

Once at the storage facility I had a chance to meet Deanna Ramirez, the mother, and she gave me her account of the fire.

Halloween night we went trick or treating, it was fun. It was about eight o'clock, and my sister called and said, "Where are you?" and I'm like, "What do you mean?" and she said, "Your house is on fire!" 

I was at the gas station, I was getting gas to go home and I turned to some random guy and I said, "My house is on fire!" and he's like, "ok... I'm sorry," and I just ran to my car, and I got there (her home), and it was just gone.

What they're (the investigators) saying is [it looks like] electrical. 

The Red Cross came that night and gave Deanna a credit card to help them pay for emergency lodging. 

I asked one of the organizers how this donation effort came about and it went something like this: "One of the girl scouts found a post on the troop's website, someone else was contacted because she's a school district employee, they got a mass email from somebody at work that got out to the other employees, that got posted on the girl scout facebook page, that ended up coming to me (Brenda Dennstedt) that ended up getting a call to you (Bridgette Moore)." (or something like that) ☺
From left to right, Mayor Bridgette Moore, Deanna Ramirez, Brenda Dennstedt.

A friend of Deanna set up a GoFundMe page if you'd like to help them cover the costs of moving. 
As you can see, they're about two thirds to their goal. Link is below.

Also, if you'd like to donate furnishings or clothes please contact Sharon Lykins at (909) 731-9624, or her direct line at work (951) 253 7832. 

If you have happen a rental that needs a tenant (or know someone that does) please don't hesitate to contact Sharon on Deanna's behalf.

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  1. Thank you all who have stepped up in such an amazing way to help Deanna and her children she's a hard working team member of our Lake Elsinore Unified School District Transportation Department!


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