Thursday, November 24, 2016

• Happy Thanksgiving 2016

I trust that all of you had a pleasant Thanksgiving this year. 
Hopefully, complete with some bird, beverage, family and football.
Though it's still going on, we at Casa de Dub Rap are having a splendid time. 

Just two middle aged people, that didn't get tangled up on the freeway, enjoying turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, some vino and NO POLITICAL arguments (with delicate little snowflakes that can't handle reality).

I can imagine for some, it might have been a bit dicey if you have family members that insist on discussing partisan politics —even when it'll undoubtedly lead to a drunken brawl.
Gotta love SNL's Bobby Moynihan as "Drunk Uncle".

Next up is Christmas, then New Year's and then we get to start the whole shebang all over again in 2017. 

On the city calendar there are two events left. 

Breakfast with Santa, on December 10th at the fire station, and a holiday lights contest. 

Not really sure how the Christmas Lights contest works (see what I did there? I decided not to go all politically correct twice in a row). Voting starts December 20th according to the city's website.

There are three different categories
  1. Traditional Entries 
  2. Clark Griswold Entries
  3. Best Block Entries
They seem self explanatory enough to me, but if you've forgotten who Clark Griswold is, check the video below.

Here is a link to the city's webpage about the Holiday Lights Home Decorating Contest. LINK

Breakfast With Santa is an annual event that predates cityhood

It is now a Rotary Club/City sponsored event. If you haven't been to it before it's ideal for kids of all ages. (Don't you just hate that old cliche? Tough, I'm using it anyway! ☺)

There you'll find scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, hot chocolate, coffee, pictures with Santa, fire trucks and other things that are still in the works. 

The price is $5 for adults and $3 for kids 

Now that I'm a member of the Wildomar Rotary Club I thought I'd donate my time to making a promotional video for the event. 

Take a look at how well Mayor Bridgette Moore pegged her lines.  Though she did wear a bit of green in her scarf which got keyed out during production. You probably can't see if you are viewing it on a phone, but on a full size screen you can see the green sleigh and blue sky shining through her. 

The hills at the bottom of the scene are from an old photo taken by David A. Brown himself. They are the ones you see on the east side of the freeway not too far from the Baxter offramp. 
Below is a look at a production still during editing.

On the left is the Mayor in front of the green screen, and on the right what it looked like after I'd keyed out the green and added the effects. 
The program is Adobe Creative Suite 6. None of that nasty Creative Cloud garbage that Adobe is pushing these days for me.

There is actually another event that is happening in December too. It's a retirement party for our Chief of Wildomar police, Captain Leonard Hollingsworth. He's been top notch and has set the bar pretty high for his successor. 
•          •          •

My mom makes something called green pie, which I thought was a delicacy that many people only had at Thanksgiving, but it turns out it was just Jell-O with whipped cream on it. And it's delicious.

— Bobby Moynihan

Wildomar Rap isn't a fan of green pie or turkey jello, but is a big proponent of live and let live, so dig into your favorite food and have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter how profound our differences may be.


  1. This is so wildoslavia. At the last council meeting Item 1.6 on the consent calendar it was proclaimed "The City will provide an online application for easy entry to the contest".
    It appears the the Rap and a half dozen citizens have gotten wind of the rules and access to some sort of application as they are listed on your link, a link which provides no information what so ever.
    If one where to visit the city website without your link, nothing at all can be found (This includes the Parks website, which is separate from the city website and where this Special Event and Recreation Program should be)

    1. Even if we don't have the funds for a paid staff member to monitor a city social media presence I think it would be worth investigating having it run by an appointed volunteer. There are plenty of internet savvy people in town that would likely put their names forward and would also be able to execute any duties associated with it flawlessly.

    2. Wildomar is the name. Anyone else who was so unhappy with the name, the people, etc would just move somewhere perfect....

  2. Ms. Urlaub, was wondering when you would pop up. Missed you at the last regularly scheduled Oversight meeting which had been on the city calendar for months. Oh wait, that didn't happen did it. Not even the courtesy of a notice of continuance from the wonderful city staff of wildoslavia (too busy with the elections I guess). Next meeting will probably be a special meeting requiring 1 day notice. So much for oversight.


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