Tuesday, December 20, 2016

• Christmas Lights Contest 2016

Wildomar had a Christmas light contest this year. The winners were announced at last week's city council meeting... but that blog was already too long so I saved the images and videos for closer to Christmas.

There were only a handful of entrants, but it was still fun going around to see all the different entries.

The two main categories were "Traditional" and "Griswold".

I'm still not too sure what "Traditional" entailed (because "traditional" to me would mean one strand of lights hung from the eaves —that was the tradition when I grew up), but "Griswold" harkens back to the movie Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold had so many lights you could see them from space. 
Casa de Griswold from the movie Christmas Vacation.

It was a fun contest, but it seemed that most Wildomartinis didn't know to enter, while others chose the wrong category when entering.

The two winners were Brock B. on 25053 Loring Rd in the Traditional category, and Jeffrey H. on 35814 Sea Lion CT in the Griswold category.

It was hard to beat the lights that were in sync with the music. When you roll up to Sea Lion Ct, you then tune your FM radio to 88.1 and watch the show. It's pretty mesmerizing. The music is Wizards In Winter (Instrumental) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My Youtube channel was warned that it may not play on some devices since it contains copyrighted material.
25053 Loring Rd, winner in the "Traditional" category.

This house rated very high. It's found on Woshka.

All those that entered had nice displays, but if I can be a stickler here... if you're going to enter a Christmas lights contest, allow me to suggest you have the lights on.

When we went by, half the contestants had their lights out before 9:00pm.

Yes, electricity doesn't grow on trees and all, but when a contestant's non participating neighbors [still] have their lights on at 9:05pm, it's not a particularly good omen if the energy miser was hoping to win.
Great display here, found on Teil Glen. 

There were a ton of great light displays throughout Wildomar, and perhaps next year the city can adjust the contest a bit and include an "honorable mention" category for light displays that weren't officially entered. 

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Wildomar Rap would like to give the community a Christmas gift. It's a parody Christmas song called, Christmas In Wildomar (to the tune of Up On A Housetop). 
A video still shot of the eateries I'd like to see come to Wildomar.

In case you don't know, when this blog was first started, the word "Cantankerotti" was coined (a portmanteau of cantankerous and glitterati). It describes people that get off on hassling the elected officials (or staff) in the city. 

Some are serial litigants or constantly threaten to sue, others just put in endless records requests or tattletale to the Grand Jury that the city pulled sally's hair... or some other such inane charge.

I already know that I sound like Andre the Giant after he's regurgitated a porcupine, so if you want to insult my dulcet tones, at least be clever about it... deal?

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“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.” 

— John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807–1892

Wildomar Rap wants to thank the readers that have pushed the lifetime page views to over 200,000 in just three years.

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