Sunday, January 15, 2017

• "Urgency Shmurgency" The Scofflaw Doth Proclaim

So much for the "Urgency Ordinance Extending a Temporary Moratorium Pertaining to Private Marijuana Cultivation and Non-medical Marijuana Facilities" that was passed at the last city council meeting.
Old King Canute was a crazy old coot, and it seems as if the lesson he taught us needs to be repeated over and over again. You can't hold back the tide.

For all the talk about trying to regulate medical or retail marijuana in town (or keep it out of Wildomar entirely) look what has popped up on Clinton Keith (just west of Palomar where Bear Creek Feed once operated).

The subject of marijuana dispensaries is going be on the front burner for most of 2017 as the city council tries to navigate the turbulent waters that pit the "yes, yesterday" crowd against the "no way in hell" crowd. 

With most of us stuck in the middle understanding that the tide is going a particular direction whether we like it or not.

Below is a video link to the most recent city council meeting where it was voted to take the preponderance of 2017 to address the issue of marijuana shops in town. 

We all know that code enforcement in Wildomar is at a premium (along with everything else that costs money), and it makes me wonder how wise it is to SPEND money trying to shoo away legal REVENUE GENERATORS... even if the product is icky? 

Especially when such efforts will often be fruitless, and have no impact on the use of the product in question. It's better to tax and regulate it than to encourage people to skirt the rules and let neighboring cities garner the tax revs.

Yes, we know that the state isn't going to issue pot shop licenses until 2018, but if Wildomar looks to maintain the ban beyond the moratorium, it's just going to be one endless game of Whack-A-Mole... which got me thinking about an all knew game called Whack-A-Weed. 

The picture below was taken January 14, 2017.
A look from the other side of the locked gate on Clinton Keith.

If King Canute's lesson about wasting your time trying to halt the tide still hasn't convinced you that folly isn't a great target to have in your cross hairs, let me share a funny image I found on the internet. 

It says it all when it comes to legislating things that you can't control.
We have bigger fish to fry than pothead suppliers.
On the other side of the coin...

Something that gets me is that there is a sign up before they've opened for business. I heard that Wildomar has already sent out a code enforcement officer to check them out, but they weren't open. 

This business operator either knows he's running afoul of many laws, or he doesn't. 

If he doesn't, sounds like a stereotypical burnout, oblivious to much. If he does, how come he wasn't smart enough to put that sign up LAST?

Yes, other businesses, the ones that have gotten their business licences from the city (like all reputable businesses do) put their signs up as soon as possible to advertise.

But when you're knowingly opening up a business without the proper paperwork in hand, why signal the city officials before your cash register has rung up one sale?
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