Saturday, April 8, 2017

• Governor Brown to Give Back VLF Funds???

This isn't one of those April fool's joke blogs...

Hey everybody, remember that huge tax increase that the Sacramento Dems just rammed down everyone's throat?

The one that will be raising gas taxes and vehicle registration fees?
Link to a CBS News story discussing SB 1

Apparently there is a silver lining that came with that punch in the mouth. 

The pilfered VLF funds that Governor Brown took from the four newest cities in the state (all in Riverside County) in 2011, are reportedly about to be on their way back where they belong.

When asked for his thoughts on the possibility of getting the long sought after VLF funds back, Wildomar Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit responded, "I'm excited about our four cities to finally be treated equally like the rest of the cities in California. [But] I'm saddened that it comes with a $5 billion price tag for the state of California."

Wildomar is anticipating a yearly bump of about $2,000,000 to the general fund once this goes through.  

Roughly 22% of the budget.

I put in call to Councilmember Bridgette Moore and she echoed Benoit's sentiments. She added, "The way I understand it is [that] Brown has until June 15th to sign it, so it isn't a done deal yet."

I'm a bit surprised that Brown wasn't touting that carrot on the stick when he was in Riverside last week trying to sell his record tax increase.

Still, unless he aims to line item veto this, it's going to happen, and we will finally stop hearing about the annual "will he or won't he veto it" office pool.

Unless you're one of those lovers of tax increases, you may agree with my analogy here.

It's like being told that your dog just got run over by your neighbor, but at least he's finally willing to give back that lawn mower he borrowed five years ago.

It'll be interesting to see where this money ends up/gets used in the budget. Let's hope those that continually sue this city don't see another pot at the end of a rainbow to chase.
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“I expect to pass through this world but once and therefore if there is anybody that I want to kick in the crutch I had better kick them in the crutch now, for I do not expect to pass this way again.”

— Maurice Bowra 1898-1971

Wildomar Rap hopes that governor Moonbeam is done passing this way for the rest of forever.


  1. You're assuming a lot from a lame duck governor. He was blackmailed by two members of his own party, Roth and Cervantes, into making a promise to sign two pieces of legislation. SB 132 giving Riverside County 472 million dollars and SB 37 the VLF adjustment bill which tacks on 19 million to the states general budget. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top, Brown or Roth.

    1. As I replied to this same comment over at facebook:

      How am I assuming? I'm passing on information that has already been in the Press Enterprise. I also prefaced it with triple question marks and used "reportedly" in there, not to mention I touched on the possibility of a line item veto... that amounts to ZERO ounces of assumption.

      Horse trading is what politics are all about. Roth and Cervantes did what they could, but may have taken one for this area because their other constituents aren't going to be happy with the amount of money the state will be taking from them.


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