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Kevin Jeffries
Most people know that we are in Riverside County's 1st district, and that Wildomar's representative is Supervisor Kevin Jeffires... if you didn't know that, now you do. 

He was reelected to his seat last year, and he's now in his second term in that chair.
A graphic in the newsletter. The map is a bit squished, but you can still get the basic idea.
Most recent edition.
He puts out a newsletter called Jeffries Journal with highlights in a section called Kevin's Corner. This is where he alerts his constituents to various issues that he finds particularly noteworthy. 

If you aren't signed up for it, and you care about what is going on with your elected officials, visit the this webpage and do so: LINK.

You can either get the full version from the website, or just the key portions sent to your email.
I mention this newsletter to you for a couple of reasons. 
First, it's good to know that such a thing exists and how to get on the email blast list.
Second, in his latest newsletter he discusses the county budget. 
Budget Cuts. 
If you have been following the county financial picture, you know that our county budget is in pretty serious trouble.  Our criminal justice system (Sheriff, jails, District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation) are all facing increased workloads, increasing expenses, a new flux of low-level offenders NOT being sent to state prisons anymore, and of course limited tax dollars to pay for it all. Next year we will be opening a new county jail in the Coachella Valley, and that comes with a very hefty multi-million dollar price tag to staff it. Our County Fire Department (staffed by state firefighters) is also going to incur a $22 million dollar annual increase because of pay increases granted by the state.  Add to that some significant new budget threats from Sacramento, and it is pretty much the perfect financial storm.

This has been coming for awhile, but the part I really wanted to share with the people of Wildomar is his following paragraph (I'll emphasize the key parts in bold).
For those of you who live in our unincorporated communities (outside city boundaries), the county budget cuts could impact you much more severely (Sheriff, Fire, Code, Animal Services – just to name a few).  My calls to immediately start cutting non-essential unnecessary spending a year ago was dismissed as foolish and spreading panic at the time. While we would still be facing cuts today, had we actually started scaling back our spending and hirings a year ago – I believe we would be a little better off today.

It's hard to believe that there are still people in this town that pine for a chance at returning to the county's tutalege, but it's true. 

For as much as the high hopes that Wildomar cityhood promised — haven't materialized, had we stayed part of the county, our lives wouldn't have been better. According to Supervisor Jeffries, those in the county could be feeling the pinch more than the rest.

Let the pro county spin begin anew.

Contact info for Supervisor Kevin Jeffries
16275 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 
Phone: 951-471-4500
4080 Lemon St., Riverside, CA 92502-1527 
Phone: 951-955-1010 

Also in the latest Jeffries Journal was a flyer for
the Water Safety 5K that will be at Marna O'Brien Park.

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