Saturday, April 22, 2017

• New Bus Shelter

Wildomar recently got two additional bus shelters in town. 

One in front of the library, and the other in front of Falcon Square (which is where Weichert Realtors, and Boost Mobile is).

To mark the occasion, there was a ribbon cutting at the library. A few words were spoken by 2017 RTA Chair Linda Krupa, then Wildomar's own Bridgette Moore, and followed up by RTA CEO Larry Rubio.
It was a little dicey trying to get this shot, as car were speeding by. This was taken from across the street by Grace Morabito and Christopher Yepez. Councilmember Bridgette Moore is wielding the scissors, and in the crowd is also councilmember Marsha Swanson, RTA Chair Linda Krupa, Librarian Melina Velasquez, EVMWD board member George Cambero and few more dignitaries.

That boosts the total up to five bus shelters in town. The rest of the bus stops in the area are lucky to have a bench. (Though more benches have been added recently.)

In order to get such a shelter, the area first must meet all the requirements set out by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 

I asked RTA CEO Larry Rubio how much it cost to put in such a shelter, and he told me that without adding in improvements (see photo below) they run about $10,000 each.

Awhile back, I heard one estimate at a T-NOW meeting, that after going through a typical lengthy permitting process, the costs can approach $50,000 if the site wasn't already in compliance. Gotta love our bureaucracy. 
To accommodate the fencing and the shelter, the slab had to be extended by several feet.
That contributes to the costs going beyond the entry level figure of $10K.

These shelters are solar powered, and have lights that go on after dark. The lights, which aren't obtrusively bright, stay on during the entire night.
My guess is that less than 3% of all Wildotuckians could tell you where Falcon Square is by name.

I asked Wildomar city council member Bridgette Moore, who also represents the City of Wildomar on the RTA Board of Directors for her thoughts.

RTA is making good on its commitment to continually improve passenger amenities,” She further added, “This new shelter not only improves the streetscape, but also enhances our customers’ overall travel experience.”

We now have 5 upgraded bus shelters in Wildomar.
The four shelters are located at:
• Palomar & Central
• Wildomar Community Library
• Wildomar Assisted Living Senior Center
• Inland Valley Hospital
• Clinton Keith and George (near Oak Springs Ranch Apartments)

A representative of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez's office stopped by with a certificate for the occasion.
Hemet mayor Linda Krupa, Wildomar council member Bridgette Moore
and Samantha Stilwell of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez's office.

Any opinions on where the next such shelter should be located? Suggestions have included: in front of the Elks Lodge; in front of Circle K at the corner of Bundy Canyon and Mission Trail; and near the Rite Aid at the corner of Palomar and Clinton Keith.

As aside, the funding for these bus shelters came from RTA. No Wildomar dollars were used to get them here. 
What local event is complete without some of GoNutz Donuts specialized creations?

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Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

— William Butler Yates, 1865-1939

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: Wait till the iron is hot to flatten those wrinkles. Also, striking the iron isn't as effective as plugging it in.


  1. I would like to see someone waiting for a bus in front of the Rite-Aid, it might snow again before a bus came by to pick them up.
    You did miss a couple of things, there are 5 Covered Bus Stops in wildomar, the one missing (a real genuine stop) was put in by the developer of the Oak Springs Ranch Apartment Complex, the stop is at George/Clinton Keith complete with a cover and turn-out. There are also numerous new benches, along at least Mission Trail, that were installed in the last week or so.
    As to the bus stop at the hospital, I wonder how many people take the bus to the Outpatient Surgery Center. I believe most go to visit friends and relatives in the hospital which is a pretty good hoof, 3/16 of a mile, back to the main entrance.
    Hopefully any new stops will first be placed on the northbound travel side to complement the current ones which are on the southbound travel side of the road, good luck with that at Palomar/Central the site of downtown wildomar.

    1. Thanks for the correction about the number of covered shelters. I'll amend the blog.


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