Thursday, April 20, 2017

• Planning Commission Meeting April 2.0

It was a special meeting, and pretty short and to the point. The agenda only had two items on it.

The first being Milestone RV/Boat Storage/Solar Project that will be going on Jana Lane, just off of Clinton Keith Road.
Location of proposed storage facility is where the green circle indicates.

It's right next to an existing storage place, and they wouldn't be looking to build such a place if there wasn't a call for it.

What seems nicer about this yard than other storage places for RVs, is that the parking is covered. 

If you've been to the Murrieta Walmart you've seen the solar panels that also work as a great sun shade over much of their parking area. 
I sure hope the Wildomar Walmart ends up with this kind of covered parking too.
Something I'm guessing that would come as a welcome relief if your other option is to park your expensive home on wheels in the direct sun.

In the above graphic the orange areas tell where garage parking will be, and the blue is where the solar panels will be above open parking.

The potential rents weren't discussed... which reminds me of the old rule of thumb in such situations: If you have to ask, you probably couldn't afford it anyway.

The outside area is well off of the main road (Clinton Keith), yet still has appropriate landscaping where it will be seen by passersby. 

Though it passed through the planning commission 5-0, it still needs to go through the city council, then all the permitting stages. My guess is that it's still years away before you'll be parking your Winnebago there.
This project, because its only a CUP/Variance, the Planning Commission is the final approval authority, so it won’t be reviewed by the Council.  If it had a general plan amendment or change of zone, then it would need Council review. 
An artist's rendering that was in the agenda packet.
Item 2.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment CEQA Exemption
The passing of this ordinance now provides a five year window, where there had only been a three year window before. 

In most places, the three years is enough, but when frivolous lawsuits intended to shakedown a developer hit, it slows things down to where, after years of delays, they often have to restart the clock, costing the city money in man hours redoing what had already been done.
•          •          •
There will be no planning commission meetings until the special meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 21st. That's when the Camelia Townhouse Project comes back for round 2.

I sure hope that our esteemed commissioners take the time to go to the actual site, and if they are meeting with the developer (something that is a good thing), then I'd hope they'd also meet with the local residents too. 

I've been told that invitations had been sent to all the council members and planning commissioners. Still, as of last week, no one had taken Pete Kee up on his offer.
•          •          •

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Will Rogers 1879-1935

Wildomar Rap will oblige you if you insist on getting run over... no offense, nothing personal.

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