Friday, May 12, 2017

• LEUSD Special Olympics 2017

Of all the things that I've been able to see and do because of writing Wildomar Rap, it's things like LEUSD's Special Olympics that makes it all worth while.

First, the setting, Lakeside High School's football field, couldn't ask for a more picturesque location, with the hills looming above the line of palm trees that ring the campus.
Such a great view that many of us don't even really see anymore, we're so used to it.

The opening ceremonies started with the various schools' teams being announced, then marching around the track. All the Wildomar schools were represented, though I wasn't able to get pictures of each of them. Sorry about that. 
Ronald Reagan Elementary.

David A. Brown Middle School.
Elsinore High School.
Waving to the spectators, with Sycamore Academy closing in behind.
SASCA (Sycamore Academy or Science and Cultural Arts).
There were many local elected officials on the stage. Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez spoke for a few minutes and wished all the participants good luck, and hoped they could all finish first. 
Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez delivers a few words of encouragement. A much nicer setting to spend the morning than in Jurupa Valley watching the governor sign a bill. ☺

Before the games could officially begin, they had one of the participants light the Olympic flame, with some assistance by a RSO deputy.
LEUSD board member Heidi Dodd takes a pic as the flame is lit.

The various track events included assisted walks, motorized and non motorized wheelchair races, 100M run and 100M relay.
This competitor made the entire 50 meters on his own power.

This non motorized wheel chair race brought out some competitiveness among friends.

The field events included bean bag throw, tennis ball throw, softball throw, running long jump and standing long jump.
The softball throw.

The tennis ball throw.
The running long jump.
The event was a well oiled machine and not long after each race was completed the medals were awarded.
Two of the many medal winners on the east side of the field.

A hand shake is in order for this winner.

While out there I ran into several members of the community. Some were there with their child's school as a volunteer, others had children that were participating. 
Wildomar resident Kimberly Fox takes a picture of four friends that are long time veterans of the LEUSD Special Olympic game. Her daughter Ashley is on the far right.

It's quite an inspiring event to be at. Seeing the courage of the athletes, as many struggled to do things the rest of us take for granted. 

The courage to excel where the difficulties are great.

•          •          •

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. 
– Alexander Smith, 1829-1867

Wildomar Rap is always delighted to learn about others discovering this blog... just never knew to call the recognition of such love until now. 

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